Markers and Measurements

So we are all familiar with this overlay. I like to call it the developers overlay because it’s the view you have when you make any changes to the environment. Mining, farming, building etc…

And of course here we have the building tool laying out a road

I like that it shows the exact measurements of the length and width of the road. What I would like is a measuring tape. A tool that works like that road tool that can leave a “mark” in a area that when you cursor over or click on gives the measured area. I would also to be able to place marker “dots”. Right now I use the slab and road tool to create these markers but that creates a “build” that you have to cancel to get rid of and you can’t place anything there until you do. I just want a digital “high lighter” that allows me to create temporary zones that also give me feedback on there dimensions, even if that dimension is a single voxel, that can be built over, and you can also remove them with a simple right click .


I would love to have that, too!

In other games, I’ve substituted with stockpiles (set to “ignore everything” so they don’t fill up with items) to serve that function, and I’m seriously considering the same thing in Stonehearth when I start building larger settlements. However, because the game is so pretty I don’t want to have those slight discolourations you get when you place stockpiles/farms/trapping zones on the ground…

A new kind of zone that’s truly invisible when you’re not explicitly looking at it (i.e. it only shows up when you’re in mining or construction mode) would be a wonderful planning tool. I’m not sure if that would be possible as a mod yet, though.


I like this idea! Prison Architect does something similar, it has “planning” zones that you can place down. There are even 3 different types of planning zones (they appear differently when placed) to allow detailed plans.


I would like such a tool as well. Might I add that it would also be very usefull, if one could put a custom name to a zone.