macOS version confirmed


It seems the macOS version has been worked on for several months now :slightly_smiling_face:

If I understood what Steph was saying on the stream, an unstable version will be released for testing with the release version coming in December.

Best news ever (for macOS users)!

My commiseration to Linux users, you’ve been misled again.


So how does this actually work?

The macOS version isn’t ready for general testing, so it seems likely that most of the team will have gone by the time ‘a version’ is even available for testing.

Having discouraged macOS/Linux users for years, who’s actually going to be around to test the macOS version even when it arrives?

With StoneHearth hurtling towards a cliff edge for support and many, many issues to be fixed, what priority will getting even a reasonably working version for macOS receive?

For Linux users, this project is already StainHearth, what chance that the macOS version won’t be a stain on the reputation of Team StoneHearth as well?

To correct my previous post, a stable version of macOS StoneHearth will be released in December with an unstable version released for testing previously. At least, that appears to be the plan.