Lorenz (Journal-writing practice!)


Just going to leave this here for all our awesome community one-liner-writers: xkcd: Lorenz


whelp… i’ve got my lunch hour nicely wrapped up now… thanks! :smile: :+1:


This’ll be fun… Time to start practising one-liners. :wink:


I think this was the one website that made the “Someone on the internet is wrong!” cartoon, right?




Ah, good old 386. If you’re a bit into computers, you can always remember that comic due to its number.


Indeed :slight_smile: . Also the What-If section is full of amusing things :slight_smile: .


Yeah! Now I can make Comic Strips without actually doing any work!


My husband made this D&D themed one last night:


awesome… :smile:

I had a nice one prepared, with Joss Whedon as part of the punch-line… unfortunately, the browser decided to be all jerky, and kill my hard work… round two later this evening!


I ended up just taking screencaps; the permalink seems to work only sometimes. :frowning: I look forward to yours, though!


well, for me, I was dealing with a formatting issue… my custom dialogue was bleeding into the original material in some cells… very frustrating…

going to try another browser this evening though…


I’m currently working on one Comic based on how hard it is to install BSD on a PC.