Local Undo commands for multiplayer building

I just found out the New Builder works in Multiplayer! Of course it does, but what I mean is both players can edit the same building in progress! That’s awesome!
HOWEVER. One SERIOUS issue we keep running into is that CTRL+Z only undoes the most recent change to the building, from EITHER player. My suggestion is that Undo only undoes the most recent change YOU made, so the edit history should be reflected per-player instead of per-building. I’m not sure how viable that is in the code, but I think it may be doable.

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Wouldn’t that also reduce performance if you were having to store the object in two separate places and one of the players had a very subpar computer.

Possibly, but I feel that the benefits of being able to more fluidly build together would be worth it. Besides, the game is already difficult to run anyway, it’d be pissing in the ocean at that point IMO.


The ram would indeed not really be the issue. Writing the code for it… May be more tricky than expected.

Good Point.