Lobotomy + light bugg

Continuing the discussion from [Con] Worker Randomly Stop Working:

I just reloaded that save and this is what i got. The old light bugg just popped up again and we got our lobotomy problem. One of my saves just happened to be right before the addition of a new citizen, yet as soon as he joined he too went instantly brain-dead as if all jobs are just disconnected from their executers:

here’s the logg: stonehearth.log (42.5 KB)

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thanks for the report… but is it introducing something that wasn’t covered in the linked thread? should this just be about the light issue, perhaps?

it’s got more i’m editing the post :smiley: Patience @SteveAdamo. We all knwo you can’t wait for something to do besides pressing “F5” following up on new threads xD

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