Little TMC puzzle

Hi There!
Symbol Here

So i was doing some planning for the TMC and drew up this thing

It’s kinda like a relationship map

Thoes Symboles(arrows and such) where made up in the spot so i figured that it’d be like a little puzzle for people that don’t know what that all mean

So, Can you guess what all thoes Symbols (arrows) Mean?

Notes :

The arrows on the left are the ones you’ll guess
[Black one : 1]
[Black with sircle : 2]
[Line with diamond : 3]
[White Arrow : 4]
[Norlmal Line with Square : 5]

Clockwins the big symbols are
1 Water
2 Wind
3 Earth
4 Forest
5 Fire

They are the relationship/effects between thees subjects

This will actually be a big part of the Mod

Is this Fun?
I dunno; i’m not really the most interesting of persons

Symbol Out!

Ps: Also if you manage to get all of them; i’ll reveal the mechanic that this map will have in the Mod!


Four. I’m correct, yes?

Uuuuuh Yay? (Whaaaaaaaaa?)


Where’s my prize? I demand payment for my correct answer.
The small loan of one million dollars would be nice

Ha! You dizen’t Sign ze Contlact!


He didn’t say “the”…

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So white arrow means “strengthen” right?

As earth and water is important factors for making forest work, wood(forest) is an important resource for making fire burn, and oceans(water) is a reasons for the creation of wind, while water have a relation to wind by falling from the sky. (I cannot really see where earth and water goes together but it is my best guess for white arrow at least)

The fith arrow just means “do not interact” right?


And Correct! @thorbjorn42gbf

And admittedly you’re right… The arrow between water abd Earth should’v been the opposit way… (And there privably should’ve been one coming from Wind to fire)

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One thing to note is that the Black Arrow with the sircle is a veriation of the normal Black Arrow so it’s a Black-arrow+something

Also as said earlier; the white arrow from earth to water should be the other way around

And also one Black arrow can come from water to earth

So arrow with diamond is weakens/beats right?

Still trying to fidure out that black arrow

incorrect! it’s not that! (though it is one of the relationships)

God dangit. Now i need to figure out why the black arrows and their variations relates.


The line with the Diamond is prbably really minor and vague…
I wouldn’t be surprised if absolutely no one gets that one