Listen to the Beat!

Just want to make this post so we can all share our favourite songs, songs we just like or want to share or even maybe some songs you yourself made. Ill start by sharing two of my favourite songs and a new one I found that I like.

One of my favourite songs!:

Another of my favourite songs:

One I found only just now and inspired me to start this thread:

My dad is MASSIVELY into music so I have had an upbringing of being thrown into learning piano, guitar etc. (He even got a stereo system built into the house) So I think this thread will be pretty fun listening to everyone else’s songs that they enjoy

I like this thread, as well as the music you posted @Newf

Here is what I have been listening to while working, or looking for inspiration.

I’m surprised we haven’t had a thread like this yet!

I really can’t get into Passenger, not a fan of his voice at all, each to their own though right?

In terms of favourite song … that’s an extremely tricky one, so I’ll just post a few songs I love :):

Right now I think my favourite artist is Ben Howard, I think he’s absolutely phenomenal and would encourage anyone who likes folksy, acoustic stuff to check him out.

I’ll just post one of his songs though, it’s one of my favourites:

My favourite band would have to be Alexisonfire, this is just one of their songs that I’m a big fan of:

An artist I’ve started listening to recently is Laura Marling, I like some of her stuff, not all of it, but this is definitely one I can keep listening to:

I was going to keep it at three, but I have to mention this artist whose music will forever be a part of me:

@Geoffers747 I love all of the songs you linked. You’re now my second favorite Canadian, following closely behind @not_owen_wilson.

actually, I forgot @Raj is Canadian, sorry @Geoffers747 and @not_owen_wilson, he’s my favorite.


Considering I’m not Canadian, although Alexisonfire (and by extension City & Colour) are, that is quite an honour! It’s an award I will display with pride!

I like Welcome home by Radical Face but found their album to be lacking something, there were a few songs I felt were rather samey, but hey, maybe that’s me!

The living room songs is a definite addition to my study playlists! Always great to have good instrumental music on when you just want to zone out and get on with some work, a favourite to listen to is Sigur Ros, something rather therapeutic about their music.

I really liked what I heard from Lost in the Trees! Will be giving them a listen tonight!


I could have sworn someone told me, or I read on the discourse you were Canadian. Oops!

Ha :slight_smile: I would love to visit Canada, maybe that’s where you get it from!

But no, I’m British! English to be precise. Don’t tell anyone though.


If Geoffers was Canadian there wouldn’t be a problem with how Tom says his name because he presumably would say it wrong too :smile:

Woo, music! I can’t say my taste is hugely similar, though I do enjoy a lot of different styles and quite liked all of the songs I listened to in this thread…

I go for a lot more of an electronic style than anyone else yet here, Monstercat being a channel I visit quite regularly. Lotta good artists on there, particularly Tristam, Pegboard Nerds, Astronaut, Tut Tut Child. Drumstep or Electro is generally where it’s at, though Canvas by Rezonate is right now a definite winner.

I also like to listen to a guy called Jonah Wei-Haas. He’s a piano player, but basically covers songs by artists such as those listed above. He’s absolutely incredible to listen to and watch. If I could get that good on piano, I’d be very happy.


i told you he was Canadian… then again, i also told you i served as the British Prime Minister for a spell, so… go figure… :smile:


Damn it @SteveAdamo when will the lies end!?

I don’t know about you guys, but this is my personal favorite:

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i have a pretty varied music taste but here are some of them:
one of my favorite bands Seeed:

and peter hollens (if you don’t know him check him out)

And “A lullaby from a Secret Garden” by Secret Garden

That is pretty cool but did I hear the guy fart during that?

None of my music tastes are as exotic or as good as yours… prepare to be underwhelmed:

I really like this song. It’s very nice and catchy.

Hmm. I like your second song, but not as much the other two. I WOULD post some songs here, but am too busy trying to contact AT&T after my phone was stolen :frowning:

Well, this might be a little bit earbleed-inducing, so watch out non-EDMers, but here goes:

Please welcome FRACTAL to the house!

Also, here’s another good one:

Take caution, however, and be notified of the heavy nature of these beats.

I think you guy’s will like this one. Definitely in my top twenty (which is a huge deal, I like way too much music ;). Bernhoft - C’mon Talk

@Doug Yesss! Me and Beiber, topping everyone’s Canadian lists! :fist:


I love pretty much anything by this guy. And Monstercat. I have varied music tastes.