List of bugs with latest dev build on steam

Leather Bound Chest:
Doesn’t stack properly on top of each other. leaves one block of space in between.

Villagers often prioritize normal stockpiles instead of crates. even when they are father away.

Cant make use of the “Maintain” option while crafting unless having one normal stockpile.

Small crates:
villagers cant reach crates stacked higher then three blocks high. but can mine four blocks in height.

Large Crates:
Vastly inferior to small crates. needs to hold 64 items, or make small crates hold less.

Random Items:
Wont be placed by villagers, and then left “ethereal” forever. but can still be moved, but never used.

Oak Logs:
Carpenters refuse to use Oak Logs for crafting (no matter what trying to craft)

Randomly stops doing anything, some times get stuck in ground. will die of hunger eventually.

Get stuck in crates if many crates are placed at the same time. can move crates and un-stuck them.

Is this build 2494? cause I thought the maintain one was fixed.
All the other bugs you listed I have them too.

They shouldn’t stack at all. Things that you can stack things on have a special tag for it. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have working code for it. So you can stack any furniture.

This actually makes sense. It’s relatively easy to lift something up to head height and push it onto a shelf. It’s much harder to lift something above your head and then push it forward.

In the case of the pick, it’s actually extended your reach by the length of the handle. So of course the hearthling can use it to hit something a tile higher.

If you are only going on horizontal space used, you are correct. But there are a pair of advantages to large crates.

One Large Crate can hold 32 items for 2 pieces of wood. If you want to hold 32 items with small crates, you need to build 4 of them. That’s twice as much wood spent and more time spent crafting (due to carry times for the wood). And anytime you want to look in your crates, you have 4 times as many crates to look through.

I’ll build large crates every time to save on hassle.

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