List of annoyances / minor bugs

I’m not sure if these merit entire bug reports, they’re just small annoyances I’ve come across. @SteveAdamo, feel free to change this to a bug report or let me know if I should create a new thread for each one

1. The squeak!

When you zoom in near idle villagers, there is a high-pitched noise every few seconds. Two sequential squeaks in the 14k-16k Hz range. Is this intentional? As bad as my hearing has become, I’m still young enough to pick it up. It reminds me of those loitering-teenager-repellent speakers set up at some shopping centers… Annoying!!

2. Menu in the save thumbnails

The savegame thumbnails contain the pause menu. Not very important, but it would make more sense for the thumbnail to capture a better picture showing more of what you were doing last when you saved.

3. Change jobs while checking a character’s stats

UI annoyance where the character’s stats sheet overlies the change job window:

I tend to open the character list, and then check each villager’s stats before clicking on the change job button. This UI overlap always occurs.

4. Hint box in the way of tools

I notice this mostly with the harvest tool. When dragging the mouse, if you end up over the “Click and drag to harvest resources” box, the mouse cursor changes from the axe icon to a normal mouse, the box will not drag any more, and you cannot click to start harvesting:

This pic fails to show the change in the cursor. When I took it, the mouse was over the hint box, around the large yellow ‘Click’

5. Rotating field of view with right mouse button stops when over text

Here’s another – when you right click and drag to rotate your viewing angle, it works well until you reach the small writing / updates on the right hand side. When the mouse is over the text, the screen stays still.

Again, these aren’t major issues, but I feel like they’d make the game slicker.

Has anybody found any other annoyances they’d like to mention?


I’d love something like a ui scale slider, I’m quite the minimalist so having these huge menues pop up irks me ;D
Or atleast movable frames :stuck_out_tongue:


no worries @phector2004… I did change this to a bug report, but the compilation can stay as it is…

thanks for the report(s)! :smile: