Light Volcano is darker than Volcano

Simply put, the tooltips labeling Light Volcano and Volcano are reversed from their actual thumbnail and block colors.

It’s a small issue, so I thought I shouldn’t add extra padding just to fit the entire bug report template.

Expected Results: A color that’s labeled as Light should actually be lighter.

Steps to reproduce, with Actual Results:
In the stone section of the slab tool of the building editor:

“Volcano”: Left thumbnail, top blocks. The color seems pretty bright, but probably just because it’s highlighted.

“Light Volcano”: Right thumbnail, bottom blocks.

Now let’s make sure the thumbnails aren’t highlighted so they’re their true color and - wait. “Volcano” on the left looks clearly brighter than what’s labeled “Light Volcano”, and the “Volcano” blocks on top are also noticeably brighter than the “Light Volcano” below them.

The thumbnails and block colors match, just the tooltips are swapped.

Version Number and Mods in use: r572(x64), no mods