Let's Talk Emails

How many people out there have more than two email accounts? How frustrating is it keeping track of said accounts and things tied to them, from passwords to cloud saved data? I find myself fumbling to different email accounts, from my Outlook , my old school AOL , my Yahoo, and Google account. I’m sure there are people out there just like me who just want it all in one, and sure Outlook kind of does that, but not to the degree I want.

So I ask you guys, what’s the best way to go about managing your email accounts?

Well I am using Thunderbird Portable out of a Dropbox folder on Windows and Linux boxes.
This way I always have the same User Interface for my Email needs as well as for my instant messaging needs, no matter what OS I am currently using.
And its more comfortable to access all 6 email accounts I use this way.

The next improvement for that is (when I find the time) to move away from Dropbox towards a server I run at home… yeah the cool kids apparently call that own cloud but I am just not cool enough to want to say that.

Sounds too much like “own goal” to be cool imo :wink:

I have Thunderbird when on my linux partition which does what you want, however, it seems my iphone takes the e-mails off the server stopping thunderbird from being able to get them in the one account that my phone is connected to.

I have 4 Gmail accounts, 2 mail.com accounts and 1 hotmail account lol is that to much?

I have 2 email accounts. one for general sign up to websites and one for billing related and job related.

I have 2 email accounts, one to sign up for newsletters and give it out for website signups and such, and a personal one. That tends to be the case, as it gets fairly cluttered after a while. One of my friends has around 20,000 spam mail :smile:!