Let's Talk (And Play) Chess

Some members expressed interest in playing chess with other members in another thread, so I thought I’d create this thread. Feel free to discuss matches or to see if anyone wants to play you in a game (plenty of ways to play chess online for free and all that). ^.^


I have interest in playing chess!

Oh, and if you want to see if you can beat me next time feel free to try. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we wanted to play with a sort of champion-type system, I thought it would be fun if the winner would just keep playing games until they lost, then the next person would play until they lost, and the game could be passed around.

I would personally recommend http://www.chess.com
It requires you to make an account but it’s nice the way the turns work.


I’d like to play soon!

Anyone who wants to play a game:

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I may have killed it by accidentally joining both sides. xD

I don’t think that happened. Hmmm…

It is you I’m playing, right?

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Yup, but I need to go eat.

You sure take a long time to eat. :smile:

:laughing: I had some other stuff to do, it’s your turn now though.

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You fought well, but you have been assimilated. :smile:


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That’s my line! :laughing:

I’m still accepting challengers. 2/0 so far.

@SteveAdamo I challenge you!

Whoever wants to play:

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How about shogi? It’s basically Japanese chess.

I accept … however, I have a few meetings to deal with first…

consider this your opportunity to prepare your next of kin paperwork… :laughing:


Oh, it’s on. :smile:

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Does anyone else want to play a game in the meantime?


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Good game, @Heilari.

3-0, @SteveAdamo. You’re going down.


the sound of wailing and crying can be heard behind a closed wooden door. Heilari is written on the door.


hahaha… I just tried the link and im getting a “network error” after I make my initial move…

I think I can trick the firewall into letting me maintain my connection though… until then, consider this borrowed time, my friend… :smile:

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Dammit… I missed the game