Let's Play Series - Kingdom of Calgary

Decided to change up my change up my YouTube series to give it a bit more cohesion, I have disabled updates and will be prerecording a lot more footage. Let me know what you guys think of this new format, below is the first video in the new Kingdom of Calgary.


We spend a lot of time fighting off the goblin hordes in this episode


Battle time we are assaulted by a horde of goblins, can we survive?


I think the face cam is kind of unnecessary, just because the game doesn’t display any emotion and we don’t get any emotional reaction from your face. Take for instance a horror game, people use face cams then to display their reaction so the viewer has something to laugh or be scared about himself.

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Definitely understand that it isn’t as important as with horror games; however it allows me to talk to my audience face to cam :).

The goblins attacked early and regularly not finding a week spot they returned with numbers fought a valiant battle and lost but killed two poor citizens of the Kingdom of Calgary… Their pride wounded they prepared they will show Calgary… Stocking the woods, there numbers where massive, Calgary didn’t noticed… they attacked…