Let's all be nerds and make a fan theory about the Northern Alliance!

But how would all the heating of food work, and what penalty is there for feeding your people frozen food?
And how would that penalty work? As I see it it would be a challenge, and a cook MUST be easy to acces early on, unless the panalty is minor, like decreasing the mood or something, maybe a slowness effect. But if it’s something bigger like health loss or even death the cook will be the very first thing you should focus on, right? Otherwise the N.A. people would just die or die easily in combats. Therefor i think a minor panalty would be best. But what if the N.A. doesn’t live in a cold area, what if they live in Darkmoor Forest or the Desert(can’t remember the name of the place) But if you like in a warm place like those two, the penalty shouldn’t be there, and the same the other way around if the Acendancy or Raya’s live in the cold place, they should have a penalty for not eating warm food too. Thought I really like the Idea of food having an effect.


Perhaps the negative effect of eating cold food could “increase exponentially”? E.g., day 1-2 it’s ok to eat cold food; the 3rd consecutive day of eating cold food they get a little bit sad; the 4th they perform their work more slowly; the 6th their morale drops even further, etc etc.

I could see something like switching the Farmer and Cook jobs.
You can obtain a cook somewhat easily that will be able to do some basics cooking - but, only a level 3 Cook would have the knowledge required to grow basics crops in these harsh environments.
It’s just something that came to me when I read your message Simon - perhaps when I read it back to me later it will not sound any good anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Hamnisu I love your idea.This would pretty much annihilate the problem :smile: And also give more time to prepare for a cook. You should whatch out for your smart head. Someone might steal it in your sleep :stuck_out_tongue: (Insert evil laughter)

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Wow, ok. And that’s the story of why I withdrew your birthday invitation… xD
Thanks though, that’s really nice! (the comment about liking my idea - not the comment about stealing my head)

I think I like my idea, too, now that I read it back to me; I think it could add a nice flavour to the game-play.

Definetely. The post needed to be 20 letters at least so this is just fill :smiley:

From what I learned about the fall of the Roman empire it was because as they conquered lands the peoples that lived there were forced to join the armies, however those people were more loyal to their commanders than Rome. So after some time, those commanders were all like “Hey, we can take these lands for ourselves! I mean we’re the army, they can’t really stop us!” Everyone else agreed. Then they decided to invade, take back, ransack, or conquer the lands. (It helped that there were good roads everywhere.) As a result the western half of the Roman empire fell, leaving the Byzantines. When you look at it this way, it was an internal rebellion that caused the fall of Rome. (Or at least the western half of it.)

Moral of the story: Don’t make let any Joe Schmoes join your armies, they could care less about you, or have their own agendas.
Also, this is one of the only times in history when people actually learned from their mistakes, as the Byzantines only let Byzantines join the army after western Rome fell.

Although what you said contributed to the fall as well, as history isn’t straight forward. I just learned that this was one of the bigger contributors.

However, since the dev team said that an external problem caused the Phoenix empire to fall, I guess we’ll have to switch gears.

Maybe the weaver for the N.A. could be integral. (Besides for warm clothing.) Perhaps weavers would be able to make blankets to put on to beds so that hearthlings stay warm over night, and hats too? And maybe they could line armor with cloth so that the poor footmen and knights don’t have to wear that cold armor.

On a different note, I don’t think that all the monsters present in the forests and deserts would be present in the arctic, especially things like Varanuses who appear to be reptiles. (I hoped I spelled that right and would the pural for Varanus be Varani? or Varanuses?) So besides what’s already around what’s in the game currently plus bears what would be around at the poles?

And would they have penguins instead of chickens?