Leisure Activities in Stonehearth?

Leisure Activities can be so many things. All I’m really looking for with this post is, Do you want Leisure Activity in Stonehearth?

Ideas could go in many directions here
Should they all be seperate posts with more effort/detail to them?
or is that duplicate post anyways?

How much attention should leisure demand from the player?
Doesn’t have to demand any at all. The villagers can get mood effects
from taking time off from their job, and doing some organized fun.

Building, Combat and Leisure.

The leisure side of Stonehearth, could also be very discreet.
These could be “player manual activation only” types of events.
Meaning, notifications would only pop up if you initiated the
“Bingo lottery” for the villagers, if this was an activity of course!

Because i’m sure You’ve got a lot of good ideas to new and existing ideas.
How to most efficiently communicate the topic “Leisure” ?
(suggestion: Give your Leisure idea a title, which is easily found by search. Write support: title, title, title| to those that you like and would like to see.)

Casino, house always wins.
Spin the wheel (created by engineer and carpenter, placed in building tab)
roullette table
Hearth hold’em table

Travellers sometimes visit your city by donkey or Stonemen to celebrate the potatoe festival.
They come to judge your potatoes… judge you.
Where are the potatoes?! Techno Viking does not approve :stuck_out_tongue:

Bowling Tournament (small within city, large between cities)
Carpenter builds bowling court and ball
Save a team of 3 Villagers (as many teams as you want)
Every 15 days, a winner is celebrated.
Villagers only plays in social hours and is random.
A Villager might even not play (Villager might be busy with his job, holding
the door, for example)

Stonehearth’s own unique sport
Fairy Slingshot
Villagers Shoot small ambient light sources (pixlies/pixies/pixles) at a moving target.
Moving target could be a captured sheep, piglet, pet (already implemented).
target runs near places you’ve built. / Pig chasing a Pixierat

Dragon air race
Far into endgame, when you have collected the most rare and mystical of
creatures. On a Breezy day, the winds will be the decider!

Monthly statistics
How your Resource increase has been this month compared to nearby
factions and forces (might cause some motivation for trading)

  • Do you want ANY Leisure activity added to Stonehearth?
  • Casino
  • Diving
  • Carnival
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Canoo
  • WaterPolo
  • Yoga
  • Karaoke
  • Dancing
  • Horse/Mount Racing or general use for speed increase
  • Rodeo (Bull made by Engineer).
  • Fishing Festival, how much is the fish?
  • Pirate Pillage loot festival (how much ye got YARR?)
  • Parrot Race
  • Aquatic life show (wildlife-Arena built by engineer, carpenter, mason and blacksmith).
  • More, more, MORE!

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