Lego: The Stonehearth Discussion

Just saw Lego: The Movie and really enjoyed it, So I started wondering whether any of you guys had ever played with Lego (By the way, Lego: The Movie is chock full of references so you older guys will not be stuck for laughs). Now I would show you my AMAZING lego city I built a while back but my annoying siblings destroyed it about 4 or so years ago and I have been too frustrated to rebuild. So, anyway, everyone can share stories, pictures, videos etc. of their Lego exploits or something about Lego they want to share with everyone.

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I thought when reading the title you would go and make a stonehearth lego mod, which I totally thought about already and seems feasible. But a lot of work to do.

And yes, I totally played coutless hours with lego.

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Ehh I sorta like it

my Lego drawer

I loved playing with lego. I once too built a magnicifent lego city with pretty much all the legos I had, until I took it down because the city took up some space in my room and I wanted to build something else.

i have loved and will love Legos tell the day i die. but the newer Legos are not as good as the old ones :frowning: they are made of not so good plastic these days.

Legos are by far the best toy ever invented … I’ve spent countless hours crafting my masterpieces, and absolutely love building the modern “sets” with my kids…

we’re all super excited to see the movie (might even catch it tonight)… :+1:


When i was very young my mother bought lego for “me” to build, then of course had to “help” me construct it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have loved lego, its one of the reasons i enjoy minecraft so much.

I love Lego stuff, but these past 4 or so years, I’ve been buying from the hated company among Lego fans: Mega Bloks -Dun dun DUUUUUUN!- -Gasp in horror- But believe it or not, these past few years, Mega Brands has gotten WAY better with there products. I have around $2.000 worth of there Halo line, Here’s a photo of 2013 line:

The figures man… Its Mcfarlane quality packed into such a small size!

Apologies for practically marketing Halo Mega Bloks, but if your a Halo fan or a Lego fan, there definitely something you should pick up.


for a slightly more expensive and difficult experience, take a look at nanoblocks… these things are insanely small, and extremely detailed… :+1:

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I used to play with legos as a kid, and I’ve been meaning to get some again, but they are soooo expensive :cry:

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agreed, i’d definitely have a much larger collection if it was cheaper


Agreed. Why do plastic bricks and rubber tires cost so much?

They must be handcrafted from the souls of lobsters! (0.o);

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. . .[quote=“chimeforest, post:13, topic:5249”]

Exactly my face after I read your comment.

Someone! Quick! Make a Stonehearth Lego Mod!


I’m hoping that this game would be as awsm as lego is and that there might be other ways of buying it if this game would be slightly more famous… like buying it from a store (like lego).

My Legos are currently under the bed. It’s my precursor to getting my degree in game art n design. Love world building. ^^

I love building castles and playing stories in a world of magic and lego wonders! And eventually I got crazy about Bionicle! :smiley: I had ALOT of bionicle… it was great, but they ruined it!

I agree Lego has ruined itself like all good things do…

so we’re staying downtown this weekend, just for fun… went to the nearby theater last night to surprise the kids with tickets for Sunday …

nope, the first three times lots were sold out LAST NIGHT… eeeesh

I used to love Bionicle, I even got like a $70 Dollar Mata Nui Golden thingy…

Wasn’t really worth it though. :frowning: :money_with_wings:

@Newf Cough Xbox 1 Cough