Legend of Trulala

This is the story of…

…a brave group of Ascendants settlers. Venturing south, deep into the lands of nomadic goblin clans, they found a beautiful and mysterious place that captured their hearts.
Having nowhere else to go (and also because their only cart broke a wheel. Okay, two wheels) they decided to settle around these parts.

Here, between two lakes, they have found ruins of an old forest fort. Its crumbling walls, which architecture betrayed their supposedly Ascendance origin, gave them shelter for the night. Seeing this as a sign of good fortune, they unpacked their supplies, sharpened their axes and got to work.

And believe me, Ascendants do know hard work! In mere days they had a small farm and a granary to store their new food.
While the farmhouse could not fit more than one hearthling at a time, they decided it was only fair to give it to the one who feeds them. Farmer Sanin!

The hills nearby were rife with game, proving promising not only for their trappers. Their shepherd, Roake Winset, managed to find some wild sheep and persuade them to stay (promising them grasslands untold no less). Of course once he got them rounded, he decided it is about time to set up a small barbershop…

Having remembered an old tale about these lands, of one Jack L, they proclaimed their newfound home the Town of South Trulala!

Little did they know of the fate of the previous settlers who tried to live here…


Those pics are already history. Our brave footman guards the construction site while the workers hammer down beams and nail planks in place.

The other day our trapper brought a fox from the forest. The cook tried to put it in the kettle. The guards pulled them from each other quick enough; it was decided to keep Foxienne McTail as a granary guardian (much to the chagrin of the cook). The trapper pointed out that foxes hunt mice; the cook remained unshaken, grumbling something about “additional mouths to feed”.

The next day proved trapper right. Mrs McTail took her duties seriously. In addition to bringing the mouse to the cook’s bed (her scream was heard throughout the village) she was noticed supervising the construction of the granary.
Town gossip says in the evening the cook was seen stroking McTail’s head. She furiously denied the rumor.


More history.
Ascendants commune with nature! Town mason managed to find a squrrel somewhere. Local beasts do not fear us heartlings a bit, so it’s quite easy. Although Marianne’s creature handling techniques may be questionable (she continues to feed her pet an increasing number of hard things like walnuts or rock-hard dried corn), her new friend seems to be content with it.
Oh. And she called it “Chippin’ Dale”.

In other news. Folks of Trulala began contruction of more living buildings. Carpenter appeared to be the first in line, citing that “a woodcutter without a wooden house is ridiculous”.

In the meantime most folks have to sleep under the open sky. Foxie took the freedom to inspect nap places. She proved a very discerning tester.


The next few days were quite calm and quiet. So it was completely unexpected when a group of scouts led by Payten returned with bad news.
Payten insisted on pouring community efforts into restoring the crumbling defences that the fort offered. The others were hesitant at first - everyone had a multitude of their own projects, but he urged, and in the end the rest found certain joy in repairing old wooden palisades and replacing rotten beams.

It was no news goblins frequently passed through these lands. However, the footprints scouts found did not look like those of goblins. Too deep and too big for a goblin, Payten said.

To whom they did belong so far remained unknown. The one thing he was certain about was: it were no hearthlings.
And that meant “trouble”.


loving the look of this town, and the story that goes with it. can’t wait to see more :smile:

i love the architecture on those walls your a great story teller and a great builder Damn cant beat that XD hope too see more content from you