Layers of armor

The titel explains it self. Just like knights.
This will ofcourse cause some debuffs but you will have a higher armor rating.

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Probably the easiest way is just to make an item called “heavy knight armour” or something. Example requirements: 1 leather tunic, 1 chainmail tunic, 2 steel ingots.


Should there be a way to break them apart back into the earlier equipment entities? They’re still physically separate layers of armor, and it could be useful for either replacing or upgrading parts of the set or spreading armor around for more units in times of danger or hardship.

Adding recycling into the game would in general be a good idea IMHO.

1 Heavy Knight Armour <==> 1 leather tunic, 1 chainmail tunic, 1 plate tunic

Maybe not as easy as just taking off a particular layer, but it’d be easier on the equipment UI.