Lanark Keep and Town

Hoy there! Thought I would like to show off my greatest build thus far! Though it is still in its childhood stages, I am proud of the direction it’s going.

Welcome to the humble township and keep of Lanark!

The Keep

Interior view

Lanark Keep at night

Thanks for checking out my build! I’ll try to keep updating whenever feel I’ve reached a milestone in the towns size.

Update: Alas, for Lanark Keep is no more! Unfortunately my computer decided it wanted to give up on life and asked me to put it out of its misery, therefore I had to do an emergency style reinstall of windows wiping all of my non backed up files (all of my steam stuff!). Never fear, brave adventurers, because the hardy hearthlings that comprised Lanark Kkeep have migrated to another township!
Any future screenshots added will be of New Lanark!


Looking very good! hope to see that town grow :stuck_out_tongue:

looks great!!!
but is there door fail? or am i wrong?

Door fail? The doors don’t seem to open when a hearthling passes through like i believe it’s supposed to. They just pass through like ghosts. Other than that I’m not sure what you mean. No problems with doors.