Ladder Performance Issues

Summary: Sometimes when I camp at higher levels than the lowest elevation, my Hearthlings will have trouble going down a ladder to gather resources.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Establish a campsite at a higher elevation, named something cool like Stonehold Fortress or Placetown.
  2. Tell your Hearthlings to build ladders down to lower elevations.
  3. Remember the game doesn’t respond to voice commands.
  4. Hit L on the keyboard and place a ghost ladder that leads to lower elevations and wait for Hearthlings to build the actual ladder.
  5. Tell the Hearthlings to gather resources at the lower elevation.

Expected Results: The Hearthlings should not have performance anxiety when it comes to climbing down ladders. They should put on their big boy pants or upgraded worker outfit and just climb down the ladder and go get the resources unless they want their jobs outsourced to non-union workers who are happy to climb ladders and sleep in mean beds and eat only berries instead of the Fine Comfy Beds and veritable feasts I provide them.

Actual Results: Sometimes the Hearthlings will get to the bottom of the ladder and turn around and climb back up and a different Hearthling will do the same thing. This repeats for several Hearthlings until finally after a little while one of them succeeds in getting down the ladder and starts to gather resources.

Notes: Should Hearthlings be capitalized? It seems improper to do so, but maybe I’ll just double down and commit to it. No, this note has nothing to do with the bug. Sorry.


Version Number and Mods in use: 2960 until a few minutes ago


I’m loving your sense of humor, but no, I haven’t had this happen to me… yet.

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