Knight Commander Bob McLevels. Level 21. (now with Cleric)

Meet Bob McLevels. Level 18 Knight/Archer/Footman. He wears his Knight hat at the moment because, as he puts it, it keeps the dull spoons away since they hurt more.

He’s a crusty Hearthling that has seen many battles. He’s scaled many mountains, played music that would calm a savage Ogre and seen Ogo put down. He currently spends his time out in the wilds mumbling about scout hats and “why they don’t durn drop like nasty Goblinses” … to be fair, he has taken good amount of hits to his head.

It’s a nice day on the 16th of Rainmun. Bob knows all 24 other Hearthling’s in his small, but sturdy, village. He fears no Kobold nor slings and arrows as they go for his outrageous fortune. He is what every little Foot-ling looks up to when taking down those pesky cemetery’s and stubborn Necromancers.

Bob dreams of a day he can retire his Knighthood and take on the mantle of an Herbalist. Perhaps someday, Cid will grant this wish and Bob could be a Master Cleric of the 26th or 30th level depending on the path taken.

Some day Bob… some day. For now though, your HP is too precious to me you little tank you. :slight_smile:


Wait… HP is cumulative across different jobs? o.O So you keep the HP you got from one job when you change to another?

Yes. Every new job level gains +10 to HP that is retained through demotion or promotion.


Bob is an invincible tank, with experience in all forms of fighting, and he isn’t completely happy?

Damn you, Bob.

it seems Bob will be learning the healing ways in a few, then after that to enjoy the retirement of hunting, raising animals maybe some farming, then cooking. then the rest of the trades

Yeah, that’s tempting. A Farmer or Trapper are easy exp since it’s automated and not resource dependent. I definitely want to get the Cleric exp soon as they’re somewhat slow to level and the exp requirements are really high for Bob now.

He’s a trooper though, I know he can do it.

Is it just me or should you have been using a body 6 char for this? :smiley: Anyways, really cool character and funny story to go with it!

Nah, that would’ve only been an additional 10 hp. I liked the rounded stats in all area’s in case I wanted to spend some time as a crafter later. :smiley:

Ah, i see. You could in theory enable “random hearthlings” in the settings for a chance at a 666 character, but as you say, it doesn’t matter. Really impresive what you’ve done with bob.

Looking at the experience required to even get Bob to level 2 herbalist, perhaps Bob doesn’t need to go that route but I’ll still give it a go.

For Bob to go from Apprentice to Level 1, he’ll need to make 510 Small Healing Tonics. That’s about 400 more herbs that I don’t have yet.

I have a level 4 herbalist at the moment. I 'll try sending her through the ranks of Herbalist > Cleric > all the combats.Might toss in a carpenter or mason for another 60 HP boost just for fun.

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Bob has conquered many foes in his time. He’s trained many of his fellow Footmen, Archers and Knights. He defends fields of carrots, corn and flowers diligently.

He feels there is more he can do. He aspires to be a Cleric. He took on the mantle of an Herbalist and toiled away late into the nights making hundreds of healing tonics.

Here we can see Bob’s dedication to the craft!


Bob admires his work:


Hundreds of herbs were farmed for this task. 239 Small Healing Tonics were required to advance to the first level. After that milestone was achieved, it was only a mere 267 Herbalist Signs crafted to advance to level two! The lone Carpenter gladly created the necessary wooden signs for this part; he’s heard from the combat units what happens to those that fail to do as they’re told…

The farmers had begged him not to continue past level two as an herbalist as they simply could not keep up with the demand. Bob understood their concern. 5249 experience points later:


Bob ascends into the ranks of the Clerics!

He has a long road ahead. Roughly 19340 experience points are required to reach level 6 as a Cleric. He’ll be a level 26 Herthling by then.

Will he stay a Cleric or perhaps return to a previous profession should the need arise?

Here’s Bob’s current character sheet:

As a comparison, a 2/6 Herbalist/Cleric with 5 body in my group has 222 health.


Bob is a beast! A xp gathering, potion brewing beast.

and with the bug that some clerics have that they boost them zelf and around even when he is’nt a cleric anymore will make him a god

Just what I came to the forum looking for, thank you! ;D