"KLANG!" Different sounds for different construction materials

Hello again! A small suggestion this time; tonight seems to be a Suggestion post night!

I realized that regardless of what material you’re using for a construction, you get the same sound effect–the sound of a nail getting hit by a hammer. Should there be a different sound for working with stone? I assume there’ll eventually be metal-based constructions as well, so alternate sound effects would be a nice little touch to make the materials feel more unique and diverse.

Come to think of it, should the Hearthlings be using claw hammers to place stone on a structure? This is a totally different situation, since changing this to be more lifelike might be overkill/overealistic and also requires different animations beyond just the universal one we’re currently using. This would take more time to change, compared to a simple audio switch. Thoughts from the community?


I love those nights. :heart:.:heart:

I think different sounds for different materials would be cool, but the visual aspect is unnecessary.

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There’s already different sounds for different crafting materials, so I think this would be reasonable.

And if not its not difficult to change the entries to some own Sounds xD