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Out of curiosity, are you gonna keep a mod with the colors just for use in building with the base mats or will it all require the alchemist bit? Cause I’m kinda on the fence like I was with @Yangzhoui adding additional colored furniture to the painter.

Like yay for adding more work for classes that could use it, but I always feel like professionals would know best how to dye their materials. But we’re not talking about real life here. I like the idea of having the options for it to be basic and a more complicated option for those that want the extra challenge. But that sounds like double the stuff to maintain so the K.I.S.S. method suggests one or the other. Ugh…choices…ummm…can I phone a friend? Wait no, who am I kidding? Just like Yangs Yings I’ll end up using it no matter what you decide cause I’m not gonna turn down extra decorations or colors. Plus having to work for the colors will make them more rewarding to use.

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The building colors don’t mesh well with the new builder because of how it shows the list of colors;

So I need to parse them into smaller groupings.
To best do that, I have to make new resource tags for them to use. I had two different ways that crossed my mind; I could try doing a mixinto to add new material tags to the existing resources (“painted wood” into wood logs, for example), or I would make new ones that I can then use for other things later.

Considering it’s a fair bit of work either way, I’d rather do the latter.

There will still be some base colors added in; the Extended/Legacy and Terrain will stay in their respective categories. But the colorful stuff is all being moved back out.

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Granted, if I knew how to do UI stuff, there would be other options, such as making them list out a different way, or make each of the sets of colors pop off one (like have Painted Red in the main list for wood, then show the five shades of painted red pop up off it).

But I am of a bit limited of means.

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Totally understandable, and yeah I freaked out the first time I opened the new builder with this mod cause I couldn’t even select the resource cause it was off screen lol. Have ya pinged the devs to see if there’s a way around it? Oh jeez I forgot this is the thread I went all nerd talkin’ about squirrels in the desert IRL, that’s what I get for scrolling up. :laughing:

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