Kitty's Design Corner


Largely, I do them to unwind, but many have made it to mod content status at this point!


kitty_vortech.qb (155.0 KB)


Reminds me of the psychos from borderlands… Nice.


kitty_scigyptech.qb (155.0 KB)


The Splitting Hair:

kitty_splithairsonality.qb (155.0 KB)

I’ve been up for 40 odd hours. Send help…or coffee…


He feels fabulous

kitty_queen.qb (155.0 KB)


Hands Kitty a Cup of steaming coffee :coffee: and a blanket :slightly_smiling: there you go
I really love your designs thank you for sharing and Keep up the good work.
And hopfully you got a bit of sleep.


I have successfully rested, thank you much, haha


My crazy designs show up in my in-game designing as well, as you can see

in the flooring I designed for my Lodge


Though, really, there is no such things as a “final” design with me more often than not, lol:


the middle part of your second design totally reminds me of a throne room in my mind I can see the thrones “sitting” on the white marble. I think your second design looks way more noble than the first :wink:


Heh, well, was just a matter of playing with 1 wide vs 2; was intending to play with 3 wide on my warehouse, since it’ll be a larger building


If anyone was curious to the results of the 3 wide version:

(also gives you a peek at my process, seeing I didn’t clean up the surrounding tiles yet)


f_kitty_geeky.qb (22.0 KB)


is that Lucca’s helm from Chrono trigger?


I am unafamilar with Chrono trigger


Never mind lol making an idiot of myself before my morning cup of tea.
Love it regardless.



black kitten.qb (4.9 KB)


hui shes alive xD looks nice xD


Just stumbled across this topic thanks to a recent update.

Looks more like a hair to me. A really nice hair.

[quote=“Kittyodoom, post:155, topic:19252”]
The Zzcott, because my dad was a big ZZtop fan:
[/quote] :grinning:

A ridiculous thought, perhaps, but. When I saw a bucket or a soup helmet I thought “This is what an early Hearthling militia should look like!” Imagine you sound an alarm and see a chef donning his cooking pot and grabbing a rolling-pin.
Maybe someone can make a mod like this?