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Is it safe to assume there is a giant bunny statue inside? And those two peaks are its ears?


maybe it was one long ago, and it eroded?


Are those little blue blocks going to be water stones?


If I remember well, yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, there will be many pools and waterfalls, ideally :smiley:


Impending update to the Lowland Biome!


Seeing the landmark in action, something I had half worried about from the prototype has proved true: it’s “rough” because of the edges (I believe the technical term is “greebles” – where texture/rough surfaces break up the outline) and thus it doesn’t mesh with the smooth, chunky aesthetic we know and love.

I think that the diagonal sides are part of the issue, since they necessitate those really rough “angled” cliffs. Not only do they look a bit odd (IMO) next to the other terrain, they create places where the water spills in two directions when it reaches the ground and so it forms those big puddles which don’t really match the rest of the structure.

I reckon that the effect would work more nicely if a) the shape of the landmark was converted to a rectangle rather than this psuedo-lozenge shape, b) the “sloped” surfaces were replaced with Stonehearth’s more traditional chunky/stepped look, and c) the wet stones were then moved to accommodate where water would likely run off from the chunkier, chubbier “bunny mountain.” With only flat sides and sheer drops to work with, it should be much easier to create neat/tidy waterfalls and pools which don’t splash randomly.

That’s my critique; although it’s good to see you experimenting with new shapes! I feel like you’ve mastered the chunky and “chubby” style that fits with Stonehearth’s bunnies so well that this greebly/rough style stands out more than usual, is all.

I reckon that the vanilla “magic spring” landmark does a great job of this same effect at a smaller scale; although perhaps you were intentionally trying to make your bunny mountain look distinct/not copy the same ideas and aesthetic? I love how that landmark has a couple of well-defined waterfalls, and I reckon that’s something worth a look for anyone planning to use waterfalls in a landmark – having water spill (seemingly) randomly over the terrain can make it hard to follow, whereas having defined spillovers and falls creates a kind of visual logic and can actually tie the different chunks/sections of the landmark together.


The general shape was an experiment; I was fairly happy with the results, but will more than concede on the point that it does stand out a lot more than intended as a result.

I actually did a very silly thing, and didn’t really look at any other landmarks for reference, save for how they sat in terms of above/under ground.

The waterfalls were meant to have the defined/directed flow, though I think I accidentally placed a few in places that didn’t follow that… and I think I should have added some basins at the end of the flows so they had a more intentional “destination”.

I’ll likely touch it up in the near future.


Drats. I made invisible Hearlthings again.

I really should make a joke mod version of this at some point…


could always make ghostlings, add see-through ness to their bodies… hogwarts ghosts mod :stuck_out_tongue: