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I have two takes on the more “domestic” type creatures;

  • Imported Variant:
    These are beings who came along to the Mars Basin with the Hearthlings, either being intentionally brought there, or perhaps stowing away and coming along for the trip.

Imported creatures largely resemble their Terran counterparts, save for the distinct helmets as there is neither air nor water on Mars for them.

  • Martian Variant:

Like the other life found on Mars, these Martian variants of the creatures have a rather warped and somewhat creepy appearance compared to their Terran kin, including that they have a reddish overlay to their coloring. And possibly glowing eyes…

I originally made the Poyo-in-Space design because I was having trouble coming up with a good one that fit my general Martian appearance. Which naturally means I came up with one after stepping away from it for a while to work on other things.

So now I’m a bit torn between the two, and would like some general feedback;

  • Imported Domestics (with helmets)- Poyos in Spaaaaaace
  • Martian Domestics - We shall find & tame life on Mars!
  • Why not both? Maybe some stowaways, maybe some wilds

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Notes on the two designs:

“Imported Creatures” design elements:

  • The helmets will be glass, utilizing a custom version of the glass colour map (as per the jars or wind chimes made by Rayaa’s Children).

  • At release, the helmets will likely just be decorative; while I have a concept for an Air based mechanic (I’ll include it below, seeing I already shared it to ACE’s discord server’s project showcase), it’s not something I’m going to be able to do in the foreseeable future.

  • The colours will have a slight reddish touch to them, to reflect that they eventually have a fine layer of the Mars dust on them from the constant exposure to it - Hearthlings might dust themselves and their belongings off frequently, but it’s a bit hard to keep up with the animals romping in it without having to constantly bathe them, which would eventually get overwhelming for even the best poor shepherd.

“Martian Lifeform” design elements:

  • The red color overlay used on all the Martian life is both to reflect them being constantly exposed to the iron oxide dust of the biome as well as to act as camouflage that hid the life on the planet from observation :wink:

  • The glowing eyes on most of the creatures is both to add to their creepiness factor, as that is the overall scheme I’m going for with them, as well as to reflect them adapting to see in the relatively darker setting.

  • The warped appearances is predominantly to give them an “alien” feel, while still being recognizable for their species. Also perhaps because I may be trying to avoid going and reanimating everything :innocent:

Why are there inherently Martian versions of pets? The idea was that the pet merchant is selling you creatures that were found and caught locally. :joy: I also had forgotten the helmet idea until I got to the poyo and started playing with the idea that some animals were brought with to Mars. Oops.


I think you can make a “snow” weather that instead of making surfaces white, it makes them red. I can’t remember if the color requires anything fancy or just json


I am working on weather/effects as well… just put it on the backburner right now until I’m back in front of my own computer. Easier to remember where I leave off if I suddenly need to get off the shared computer with a model than a text file or SHED use, for me at least :sweat_smile:

Not quite sure how everything works for that, yet, since I didn’t get to test my first attempt at weather.

Plans for Mars include:

  • Weather:
    – Dust Storm (Blizzard, coloured to match Mars dust)
    – Dust Clouds (Clouds, coloured to match denser pockets of Mars dust)
    – Snow Haze (Fog, coloured to be more snow-like, as per Mar’s carbon dioxide “snow” that behaves like fog)
    – Evaporation (Rain, coloured to be icy looking, and changed to move upwards, as per when the carbon dioxide in the ice caps warms enough that the vapor rises)
    – Giant Dust Devil (Sandstorm, ideally changed to look/behave more like a Tornado, coloured to match Mars dust)
    – Dusting (Snow, coloured to match Mars dust)
    – Clear (Sunny)
    – Electrified Dust Storm (Thunderstorm, with rain changed to dust-coloured snow)
    – Windstorm (Windy)

  • Second Moon
    – Trying to make Phobos and Deimos both visible in nightly sky settings

  • Season Variations

    • Chasma Boraelis (Polar biome of the Mars set):
      –Spring is 7 months, Summer and Autumn are 6 months each, Winter is 4 months.
      –Weather is overall fairly cool, Evaporation and Snow Haze more common than other two biomes.
    • Boraelis Basin (Temperate biome of Mars set):
      – Spring, Summer, and Autumn are 6 months each, Winter is 5 months.
      –Weather fairly varied among Mars’ selection, slight favouring of Windstorm and Dusting.
    • Olympus Mons (Mountain biome of Mars set):
      –Spring is 6 months, Summer is 4 months, Autumn is 6 months, Winter is 7 months.
      –Weather fairly warm, Windstorm and Electrified Dust Storm more common than other two biomes.
  • Air System (future plan) concept:

"By current intent, Hearthlings and animals they brought with will have little helmets or masks or something or the sort, and plants will have a glass growing box around them with little “machines” in the furrows that are providing for them.

In the distant future if/when I become more capable with coding, I had the idea for making an Air based mechanic - something in the same nature as Thirst from Stonehearth Cafe or Darkness from the Silent Woods… or maybe closer to Cold, particularly how it worked in Frostfeast with the little heaters and such.

Anything native to Mars doesn’t need it / doesn’t care. Anything imported, including the non-Martian Kingdoms/races (spoiler!), would need to replenish their air supply on a regular basis. Probably would be something relatively simple, like Hearthlings going to a refueling station of sorts or being inside a house where there is something supplying air, and having non-native animals in an enclosure with something supplying air.

Plants and trees would produce air around them in a larger but more gradual way than machines. Maybe have some external air meter that starts affecting the weather if you raise it high enough over time.

I am a very small kitten that dreams up very big things, far too big for her to actually bite or chew herself… :joy_cat: "

  • Underground Life (incomplete concept)
    –Based on the hypothesis that there may be an underground lake on Mars, at the southern ice cap. Have had a few ideas for how to play with this one, including:

    • “Organic Material” veins; mined “organic material” would be “sieved” (placed, wait short time, gathered) to gain plant/tree seeds or fossilized wood (has both wood and stone tags)
    • An underground biome, Utopia Planitia.
      –Higher elevations would retain rusty Mars colours, but descend into icy/frosty ones.
      –Icy water and fossilized/frozen variants of plants.
      –No visible sky?
      –Long spring and autumn, short summer and winter.
      –Very little weather effects; Evaporation, Snow Haze, Clear.
      –No idea if this kind of biome can even be made…
    • “Oasis” style underground caverns where icy water and frosty plants/trees are able to spawn; a lesser play than the underground biome. Would be added to all three Mars biomes, if I figure out how it could even be done…

I may have started doing a little research after your suggestion about custom weather, @BrunoSupremo :innocent:


Needed a break from Mars; back to sneaky updatey type things on the Hearth:

—Note: Do not hug Magmatic Bunnies.
(Actually just me playing with colours and not actual bunny statutes xD)

Side by side with old version:

New iconic: Bunny window would really like you to place it, please


Computer is back home, most things reinstalled and working properly!

So… now I could use a little help, as I was working between three projects while I was constantly in borrowed computer use, and can’t decide on which to focus on first:

  • Mars biomes
  • Bunny Mod revamp
  • Cattect last few modules

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Mars biomes notes: (plural because, yes, it is three total)

  • I haven’t decided, but am leaning towards a Mars core that the three use; to have all the extensive content stuff in it, rather than included in each one, so it’s one big mod and three smaller sub mods for the actual biomes.
  • I’m not exaggerating on the fact I expect the size of the Mars biomes to get big otherwise; I’ve been using this project to teach myself how to do more, including a lot of research notes on Mars itself, and things I felt should be different than in Hearth based on it.
  • I haven’t worked up to it yet, but I was inclined to try my hand at a scenario, to touch on the differences of “We’re not on Hearth anymore”.
  • I have permission to use the heat system from Frostfeast, so Mars being properly cold is in the table, and potentially my previously shelved air idea once I properly nudge through to swap things around; with room for potential improvement in the future, as I’m not expecting to figure out how to make plants/trees produce air, for example, but did have the idea cross my mind that they should be able to do so.
  • I had started working on helmets for pets and Hearthlings; May still use them and try to give them an air based property on par with the winter clothes in regards to warmth.
  • I started making custom “mud creatures” that would result from using Bruno’s Fisher on Mars. Admittedly a consolation prize to myself for not being able to figure out how to remove water entirely (and I do so love the Fisher).

…all in all, Mars is not going to be small, nor fast to complete. I very well may have backed away from it as being too ambitious for my own good if not for the community interest and support. (Thank you!!!)

Also eventually a Martian kingdom mod, but that’s plotting for future Kitty to deal with.

Bunny Mod notes:

  • I do still quite love this mod. It was my very first mod, the one that got me started. Even the cutesy extended catalogue has been fun. BUT…
    It’s been bugging me for some time as well. Models that were made before I had Quibcle are haphazardly placed, including that I had to do a lot of compensating in the files that makes it hard to simply touch up anything or add effects to them properly (the lamps still aren’t quite right as a case in point). I also did a lot of things really sloppily across updates, such as the fact that it currently isn’t using localization files nor did I ever fix the Ornate versions when that became a thing.
    The Geomancer is also a thing now, able to summon the relic looking bunny statues, and i remember seeing a comment about how it was a shame there wasn’t a “restored” one.
    So, I decided a remake would be easier than trying to pick apart and fix everything, especially since I have a better idea of what I’m doing compared to previous attempts of working on it. Meaning:
  • Models are being remade relatively from scratch, addressing size, placement, and details that were bothering me (such as some of the colors, as also noticeable in my above sneak peek at the new Bronze Bunny Window), plus the statues being changed into “restored” versions.
  • New models were on the list, such as potential bunnies made from different types of wood or stained glass, and maybe a landmark or two (once I figure those out). Plus one or two inspired by landmarks I’ve seen in some of my brief occasions playing.
  • Json files remade with proper localization, as well as tweaks to worth of items (some were kinda high :innocent:) and crafting recipes.

While this won’t take nearly as long as Mars since I have the previous version to use as a base point, it’s still going to take some time even if I focus just on remaking things properly without adding or changing.

Cattect Notes:

Currently, there’s only two “main” modules left outstanding: the Terrain colors (and the addition of clay), and the Condensed Colours.

The Terrain one will take a bit of effort, just because my notes with all the extracted colours got lost, unfortunately, so I had to start them again. There also are quite a few on Steam that I never added to my list - though, fortunatently, a many of those use the same as the base game biome colours.

The Condensed Colours is a “light” version that will take colours from my Wood, Stone, and Clay Brick modules, making two-color sets from the current five-color sets. This module was intended as a “compromise” pack for Multiplayer sessions where the main ones might be too big/much or cause lag issues (an issue that was reported back on the original Building Colors mod, but I was never able to replicate personally due to my internet issues at the time).

I did have other packs in mind; such as the Natural Materials set that was intended to add Metal Bricks and Canvas Panels, for metal based colours and various other material colours drawn from the game; and a few Cattecture sub-modules that would add doors, windows, roofs, etc, drawn from the colour sets that I’ve made; and maybe a Cattect/Bunny crossover for a set of really Colorful Bunnies and bunny decorations/furnishings. But those haven’t been fleshed out at all yet.

The last two Cattect modules would likely be much faster, as they involve just crunching through data and assembling the files; even the clay building material doesn’t actually slow down the Terrain one at all (in fact, I accidentally released it with two of my modules because I forgot to delete those bits that were carried over from my text version; ended up having to do an update to correct that when someone pointed it out, as I overlooked it entirely on my end >.<)

Have I mentioned I’m a very small kitty with very big things I keep dreaming up? :cat2:


In your biome json:

	"landscape": {
		"water": {
			"noise_map_settings": {
				"persistence_ratio": 0.1,
				"bandlimit": 1,
				"octaves": 1,
				"range": 0,
				"aspect_ratio": 1,
				"mean": {
					"plains": -100,
					"foothills": -100,
					"mountains": -100


Hmm. I remember playing with those, but not where it went awry / how.
Will have to give it another pass if the mud doesn’t work - currently was working with the Basin and Mount having “mud” that was a dark color close to the grass/dirt, with a tiny amount of transparency (set the color to something like 97% iirc), and the Polar one was going to have it set to be the colour of the carbon dixiode ice of the caps with similar transparency.
But it would be more apt to go and remove it entirely, just as I did the plants, and leave the colour settings - in case some Hearthling throws down a wet stone :slight_smile:


I’m really curious on how the biome will turn out. Remember to go crazy with landmarks! Add some ancient artifacts, craters, etc… There are so many possibilities.
The bunny mod too, such a silly and fun idea.
The colors though I’m not sure, I’m not a builder and I usually go with the default styles. I think I get a little overwhelmed by all the choices.


Seconding Bruno here, but with a slight preference to the bunny one ( I already know you can get that one done, the Mars one maybe, if Bruno helps you out but I don’t want you to burn yourself out on it :stuck_out_tongue: we care kitty :p)
But yeah collors? I’m more of a base collors kinda guy :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. Sitting and weighing it over from the feedback, I think I’m going to alternate working on the two big ones; work on the frustrating parts of Mars, then the less frustrating models of the Bunnies when I need a break from it out of annoyance.

I’ll save work on the colours for times when I can’t be in front of the computer proper, and when I want to do some mindless data crunching to unwind before bed. Thank you all; not quite what I was expecting, for some reason :slight_smile:


I apparently didn’t save my new iconic for the bronze window, bah. Ah well - take 2;






"Kevin, why did you bring your pet rock with you? -.- "


Waaay too detailed - too many colors I think. With the previous one it was easier to read that this is a bunny, In the new one I mostly first notice the little paws and think those are the eyes :joy:


The old one was bigger, which makes a big difference. But it also doesn’t exist anymore, so there’s that.

But it’s the iconic, not the window itself, so I’m really not inclined to be that concerned about it currently.




Why, hello there, pretty little friend


I see you, too, are ready for Mars, excellent.


Space sheep, your ears should really be IN the helmet, and that blanket is not going to be enough to keep you warm on Mars… I don’t care if you bbaaaaahg to differ…



That moment you misplace a decimal…


“speak NIF NIF and enter” :’)


bunnywindow_woodjuniper bunnywindow_woodoak




Coming soon:
CryingMount2 CryingMount3 CryingMount4