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@Wiese2007, sweetie, would you mind looking at these models for me?
I can do the json work (I think), but I keep having a few models that seem to not work correctly - they don’t show up or they end up maligned, patchy, or otherwise dysfunctional. I suspect it’s from the combination of programs I use, or the current version of Voxelshop I’ve been using has been causing me an issue longer than I’ve realized.

You can ignore the test subfolders; I don’t think you’d approve of most of those, and they’re not really necessary.


so the first 8 femals i have completed - but for this mass i need time ^^ at first i must import them into voxelshop and export them again - then i can import them into qb and correct the matrixsizes ^^


Have I told you recently that you’re amazing and wonderful? :heart:
The first 8 are likely in there as well, can replace them with the fixed ones, of course.
Got Voxelshop again, will see if installing a clean version fixes the issue, or if it’s my computer at fault


i think its your exportformat - because with your format qubicle says invalid matrix size and with my new exportet - it let it import - but in the end until voxelshop doesnt allow to set the matrixsize and position of the matrix it will generate everytime issues ^^


Well, if I manage to find a job and get ahold of Qubicle, or actually find an illegit copy of it and learn how to use it, then you can teach me how to do it properly


have you tested the free version?

you can only not export - but save your files and let me export it :wink:


@Kittyodoom and @Wiese2007, after a long time analysing all hairs and beards on LomH, I think it’s time to considerate to split the mod on themes, 'cause it’s too many hair, and takes too much time to find the hair or beard that I want. D:

“LomH: Curly Edition”
“LomH: Bunny Temple Edition”
… and so on.


I already started working on something similar, though not quite of that nature;

I am currently working on a “Locks of Simple Hair” - a pack with just hairs close in nature to the base game. Because…I actually don’t really like/use a lot of them myself, or not very often.

But I could also put the ones I reject into other packs in a same vein, “Locks of Exotic Hair” or something.


I tried doing something similar earlier, to add a “Frosted” variant, but I think I recall running into the fact LoMH is an override, not a mixin


Attempt #1: Male Customization, Male 1 file; white hair material; 1 beard, 1 eyebrow, 1 hairstyle. Mixintos.

Result: …English does not have sufficient words to express my reaction, “wtf” isn’t strong enough.

Verdict: Failure. Will try something different when I return to my computer in a few hours.




/throws in towel


Maybe something changed in a23 for that area too? I will have to take a look at this customization myself later on, for the goblins. If that is the case I’ll return with a solution if I find one.


Doesn’t look any different to me. It just really doesn’t seem to like mixinto =/

Going to try something different; will make a “Base” version that’s still an override, then try having modules that mixinto that one.


But that would be perfect for my Sleepy Hollow playthrough!


Well, seems all you need to do is use a “mixintos” to add to the male and female customization files. It absolutely will not let me do it. Overrides work…mixintos don’t. So unless there’s something I’m missing, I can’t make the mod modular like I wanted to >.>


Bunny update in progress! Sneak preview:


Question to other modders out there:

Are “override” and “mixintos” the only options for the manifest when adding content?


Yes, mixintos adds content to something, while override replace the file entirely.

I will look into this problem in a few hours, just fixed my bugs in archipelago (except cubemitters effects) so I was going to check the goblins which have customizations too.


As long as we’re not talking about adding “ui”, “controllers”, and such, yes.