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Do you at least like any of them so far, @Wiese2007? :stuck_out_tongue:


Jewelry sets maybe?


This has nothing to do with Cthulhu in the Twitch, I swear


Chatter with @MelOzone made me inclined to at least try to make the bandit mask into a separate entity. Didn’t come out too badly; not sure exactly how it’ll work with other things.
Or which of the two mods it’s a better candidate for - so I’ll leave that decision to @Wiese2007 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kitty_banditscarf.qb (125.6 KB)


@Wiese2007! Incoming!

Kitty_cutebow.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_fancyknit.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_fauxlei.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_fancypads.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_jewelset.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_jokeglasses.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_largemdant.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_ladyscarf.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_neckerchief.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_sheepling.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_simplebow.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_simplecollar.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_bunnyface.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_bunnypendant.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_catface.qb (125.6 KB)
Kitty_readingglasses.qb (125.6 KB)


i like the bandithairstyle ^^ but it would be interessting to add them also but at a variant xD soooooo i will remove the scarf from the bandithairstyle and add all add variants ^^

but in need categorynames like the luxury :wink:

and i can only start after the weekend - daughterwe :wink:


Luxury or Accessory seemed nice :slight_smile:

Your daughter is quite fortunate; enjoy your weekend together!
I know how much I would’ve loved more weekends with my father when I was little.

I also like the bandit hairstyle, so I definitely approve. Would you like me to do it?


Of course gal. I believe you.


I present - the Miao race!



miao_female_head.qb (155.0 KB)
miao_male_head.qb (155.0 KB)
miao_male_body.qb (155.0 KB)
miao_female_body.qb (155.0 KB)






“Pffft, miao.”


[spoiler]Occurred while I was cleaning up the last hairstyle to save it:



miao_malehair1.qb (155.0 KB)
Miao_femalehair2.qb (155.0 KB)
miao_malehair2.qb (155.0 KB)
miao_malehair3.qb (155.0 KB)
Miao_femalehair1.qb (155.0 KB)
Miao_femalehair3.qb (155.0 KB)

Yes, they can say more than “Miao”.
They just don’t around non-Miao, to mess with them.


That fauxhawk is not cooperating with me, might be beyond me >.>


Playing with transparency ideas;

Stained glass bunny!

The faded window

Light window! Or mirror? It does kinda remind me of those mirrors that have lights around them, I like it

Lampost, because… lampost

And, back to the basics;

Rail fence - …or, well, a concept in progress.

Ehhh… I also was trying so hard to make a chain link fence, but I’m still not content with it yet, it came out kinda awful…


Kitty mech and more!


KoD_piston.qb (62.1 KB)

Wooden Gate of DOOM:

KoD_doomgate.qb (1.6 MB)

Simple lever, good for doors or pistons

KoD_simplelever.qb (8.3 KB)

Larger lever, for rail use

KoD_largelever.qb (8.3 KB)

Speaking of which-

KoD_rail.qb (16.4 KB)

Curved rail - not glorious, but I think it came out decently

KoD_curvedrail.qb (232.8 KB)

Rail crossing signal:

KoD_railcrossingsignal.qb (232.8 KB)


KoD_minecart.qb (16.4 KB)


Potion bandolier! Took the idea from my D&D artifier

KoD_potionlier.qb (271.1 KB)

KoD_creepyskull.qb (76.1 KB)
KoD_creepyskull2.qb (76.1 KB)


Yes, the Kitty of Doom lives! And is creating again!

KoD_ProduceHat.qb (651.0 KB)

This one is getting a bit much into the Halloween spirit, and rather early…

KoD_TheGreatPumpkinHeadCB.qb (155.0 KB)


The first picture gave me flashbacks to Carmen Miranda, who appeared in the 1943 movie “The Gang’s all Here” as a singer named Dorita, “isn’t google great”


@Kittyodoom you absolutely have to do a stained glass window with a bunny in it, now that you’ve shown off that amazing stained glass statue. You know it to be true, we’re desperate for a proper way to commemorate the Ancient Ones, just building open-air pagodas around their statues isn’t enough…

The Church… nay, the Cathedral of the Bunny Kin will stand proud!

I also particularly like that rail fence, it has a pleasant rustic quality. And, the bottom rail is low enough that chickens wouldn’t easily walk under it.

In fact, my only criticism regards that pumpkin mask/helmet–it looks “plastic-y”, partly because it’s perfectly symmetrical and so bright. Making some of the… uh… “the stripes that show the round bits” (shading?) thicker or uneven, or the spacing between them less uniform, should make the pumpkin feel more authentic. Something about that tiny mouth is also… odd, somehow. Maybe it’s because it’s so narrow and close to the eyes? I would have simply done a “saw toothed” pattern along the whole of the bottom-front-edge, looking like the pumpkin had been carved away from its base. Something about that mouth connecting diagonally with the eyes is just eerie to me, but not in the good Halloween way… eh it’s probably a personal preference thing though.


You have to be the one to build the Cathedral if I do, @YetiChow :wink:

I love that fence too; it was roughly based on the ones at my grandma’s house barn. Was contemplating doing a dilapidated version as well, in true homage, hehe

Hmm, interesting. I actually used the color and pattern of the pumpkin crop, just made larger. Though I can admit I didn’t put much thought into the mouth, was a quickie late add-on/alteration. I’ll toy with it a bit more.


First quick attempt

bunny_win1.qb (3.7 MB)

Also, a decorative golden brazier I did a bit ago;

gilded_brazier1.qb (62.1 KB)


ooh, I love it! To me it looks more like an icon than a window; probably related to how strong the texture is. Still, I’m sure that it will look lovely either above or in front of the altar, or as in inset in the tower… Purple is an interesting choice for the bunny, since neither existing faction really uses purple and it’s quite a contrast to the natural greens which usually decorate the “neutral” constructions (bunny statues, Black Cord crypts and so on)

The golden brazier is certainly regal-looking, although I wonder how it would look with blue accents instead of red? I guess it comes down to who is using it; Ascendancy towns might prefer the blue, but RC would prefer the red. I think that increasing the amount of accent colour might work well though – either adding a third dot in the middle so it looks like the brazier is encrusted/studded with rubies like an opulent crown, or maybe just have a solid line of red inside that “inset” area (so connect the two dots together) to make it look like an inlaid design? Simply having the tiny spot of colour within the recess doesn’t make it “pop”; I think it’s the right colour (any brighter and it might look odd) but the eye is drawn both ways at once and that kind of dilutes the effect.

I’ve been trying out cathedral shapes, and I’m thinking that whatever I come up with will require mostly slab construction – those larger wall sections simply aren’t flexible enough. That said, I do have a plan in mind: I want to build in such a way that the footprint, when viewed from above, looks like a rabbit lying on its back gazing at the clouds. So, the two front belltowers will be the feet, the main hall will be the belly area, with a large altar room at the back as the head. The ears will probably be low buildings designed to look like dormitories for the monks; and the whole place will be surrounded by a garden. So, from Hearthling view the cathedral should look like a cathedral, it’s only the great Ancestor Bunnies looking down from above who will see its true form.

With all of that said though, I’m torn between using smaller windows and simply building really large stained glass windows block-by-block. Do you reckon it would be tough to do transparent slabs or blocks to build with? I really need to get started with modding so I can do this kind of thing for myself, but I’m guessing that slabs wouldn’t play nicely with transparency… so what I’m thinking of would probabl require decorative items that simply look like a transparent/glass cube.

Anyway, I’m going to spend another three hours rolling the perfect citizens and map to try out the next attempt for the Bunny Cathedral… I’ve done a few attempts already, but I’m dead-set on the idea of doing it as an “illustrated diary” with screenshots to document the story of its construction. The last couple of times, I was set on building a waterfall to have in the background of the cathedral, and mishaps with that led to the whole scene being ruined (of course I didn’t save before trying to open the flow, so the auto-save was taken after I’d released the water and before it flooded everywhere… it turns out that even insta-building a dam won’t stop water once it’s gone into that waterfall animation).

Anyway, hopefully next time I talk about this it will be in my own thread about the cathedral so I can keep my ramblings out of this one, and focus on the art critique :stuck_out_tongue:


Kitty’s bejeweled glasses - making vision correction fancy!

KoD_bejeweledspecs.qb (155.0 KB)

Denounce your blasphemous bunny beliefs! All hail the one true Devourer!

KoD_veilthulu.qb (155.0 KB)