Kitty's Design Corner


god i would love to have such a sweet kitty running around my town as a pet - I love animals in games (well of course in the real world too :wink: ) they make the world much more lively. Maybe someday someone makes a mod with more small animals( like the foxes,bunnies etc. which are already ingame) which populate the world :blush:. But I wander from the subject. Good work on that sweet Cat :smile_cat:


Yea, classes were really taking a lot out of me, but I’m into finals now


Good luck, Kitty… :slight_smile:


If I made all the models and designs for a cat race, would anyone be available/willing to help me with the programming side of it?


omg so cute, it would be awesome to do a fox version too >.> just sayin!


*Raises hand*

I love cats. I always wanted a cat race for the game. *Wonders if it’s time to redo the unreleased animal costumes mod…*


Well, I’m not fully done with the semester until Wednesday, but after that I have two weeks that I’d be happy to use for making models for a cat race, fox race, and otherwise. I’ll give a glance through Rayya’s Children later, see what all they entail as a starting point. :slight_smile:


Sigh, okay, who let Gerry play with the hedge clippers again?

Gerry trimming.qb (62.1 KB)

Yes, Gerry, you are very talented… even if you are just supposed to be gathering wood…

Gerry bunny.qb (41.5 KB)


alll very nice work :smiley: i wish more haircuts will be availble and armors


“I’m a bunny now!”

“Bunny bunny!”

“I’m going to go join the Rabbit Clan now! Later, suckers!”

Warning: Rabbit hat does not actually make you into a rabbit. Do not run off to join the Rabbit Clan. They will know. They will not accept you as one of your own. Do not do it.

kitty_RabbitHat.qb (155.0 KB)


“I am a bunny now!!!”

Buh… is… is that a bunny suit?!


Kitty_BunnySuit.qb (155.0 KB)


i want lol that would be adorable to see on workers!


I really, really, REALLY hope you don’t need to kill a bunny to get these.


just for info i have take your rabbithat and add it to lomc :wink:


Kitty anything new? new hats, hairstyles etc? ^^



Gotta love the Loki :smile:


kitty_kingcloak.qb (105.7 KB)


“Oh, you are, are you? How…tasty.”

Warning: Wolf mask does not actually make you into a wolf. Do not run off to join a pack of untamed wolves. They will know. They will not accept you as one of your own. Do not do it.

kitty_WolfMask.qb (155.0 KB)


Good for now, @Wiese2007? Or do I need to dig more off my portable drive? :smiley: