Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Realistic medieval RPG

Watch the video and go pledge. (that’s an order)


wow, nice find! the visuals are extremely gorgeous… and yup, they had me at:

So what is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Think of it as Braveheart: The Game.

a link to the campaign, for those who can’t be bothered to search… :smile:

They just need to click the big K logo in the video to go there :stuck_out_tongue:

I love realistic games and especially medieval times (I kinda like far future and far past) so this seems excellent. The campaign will get funded in 2 days cause its on its way to reddit front page.

wow, nice! i’ve posted about a bajillion links to campaigns here, and never noticed that! :smile:

and yes, this campaign will indeed meet its funding object in no time… guess i should take a look at the stretch goals (hardly made it a third of the way down the page earlier)…

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Looks good! :slight_smile: Who wouldn’t want to play something like this?

I would, but not sure if it will run on my machine.

its coming out in almost 2 years, I’m sure you’ll have a new pc by then :wink:

good point :point_up:

wow, the campaign has jumped … about 30k£ in roughly 3 hours…

It still has 19 hours to go(Reddit) and its already on the front page on Reddit. I sense this going up to the millions.

this looks like it will be a good game

sorry… 19 hours for?

and geez-maneez… the campaign just shot past £100k… no stretch goals however… interesting…

It stays on the front page for the rest of the 24 hours after it was posted. Don’t you know Reddit son?

Looks really good, Thank god the game has a few weeks to go otherwise I might not even have €24 to get Act I

no… i tend to steer clear, unless specifically directed to a page… otherwise, i can’t pull free from the gravitational field…

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I have heard scary things about Reddit, Are they true? Do ever does anyone return from the dark depths?

this is one game I’m gonna get when it comes out its perfect

Alright, so here it comes:

It’s like Skyrim with/without…?

Just kidding, it’s actually quite beautiful. Although, I may have to just pick it up in 2 years’ time, when I can actually see what it is. Seems like big promises, and I’m sure rightly big funding will follow it, but I’m not quite feeling it yet. 2 years is a long time, and this might be one of those pledges that ends up gathering a lot of digital dust in the meantime.

Well first alpha gameplay is coming in 6 months and I shall play it son! I love Alpha games and early access it makes me feel special and loved for some reason.
Oh and…

This game is like Skyrim without magic and dragons!

yeah, if they didn’t already so much on display, with a demo coming in six months, I’d be hesitant as well…

but this one holds quite a bit of promise… and yes, this would yet another reason for me to acquire that mythical new PC… :smile: