Kickstarter - Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries

Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries

A cinematic fairy tale platformer for PC, full of drama and dark twists. Step into the boots of a vengeful Red Riding Hood.

i love (love!) the concept art… love the interesting platform mechanics… and as an added bonus, the developers all have cool Western European names… :smile:


They’re Dutchies! Wim Wouters, Davy and Yasmin (maybe? Going by the accents), Bram, …

It looks cool. It’s not really the type of game I like to play, but it looks good all the same.

my sentiments as well… not my favorite genre, but i appreciate the overall idea and would love to see these guys succeed… i think its the “twist” on the childhood story i admire most… :wink:

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looks like it might be a good game thanks Steve!

They are Flemish, not dutch though they speak dutch (or at least a very very similar dialect of dutch called: Flemish :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Ah, alright, close enough. Linguistically speaking, Flemish is a dialect of Dutch, so you can understand my mistake in terms of names and accents. Should have considered that possibility, though.

le sigh…