Kickstarter was hacked recently

log story short someone broke in and got some encrypted passwords and some other log in info. you might want to change your password on that website and possibly else ware since the e-mail was obtained too.

here’s a link to one news article for any one who cares there are others

Main reason why I use gmail everywhere, knowing the mail is useless if they don’t have my phone :stuck_out_tongue:
Happens to everyone though, I’m pretty sure any website is hackable if you give it enough effort.

thanks, i just got this email as well… will be changing a few of my passwords! thankfully, i’ve been going through this process for the last week or so already (redoing more of my common sites/passwords)…

Thx, Just changed my password

Jeez, it’s almost happening everywhere. Last time it was Target, this time Kickstarter, what next? :frowning:

your toster :smiley:

My toaster?!
At least its not my microwave…
Let’s hope this one doesn’t get hacked:

What could someone do with that info anyway? Make us back a bunch of Kickstarter Campaigns? They would be using their own credit cards too because they didn’t make off with the credit card numbers