Kickstarter update - Life After Kickstarter: Hirings, Moving, and T-Shirts!

It’s now a little over 3 months since we started the Kickstarter, and I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on at Team Radiant. It’s been busy and exciting times for us here, and we’re already a very different company than we were back in May!

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can’t i give 2 likes somehow?

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This is what I call a positive attitude and confidence in the own product:

The space has a great, open floorplan that’s small enough to be affordable but big enough to allow us to grow for the next two years or so.



By grow, he’s simply referring to the official beanbag collection… now sitting at 24 and counting…


Oh to have an official beanbag…what an amusing KS tier that would have been :smile:

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I’d have probably bought it i love beanbags, They’re awesome

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Anybody from the UK received their T-Shirts yet? I still haven’t received mine and 6 weeks seems a tad long for delivery :frowning: