Kickstarter pledge levels and discussion

Hello @wyre6330 !
This has been discussed many different times, but I would suggest that stevey (taps @steveadamo and @Geoffers747 on the shoulder) and robert come to give you a more accurate answer.

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You are probably refering to the following picture from the official Kickstarter-page, right?

So this is what it is. If you have backed with $50 you can expect beta access and the final game for you and someone of your choice :wink:. Congratulations and choose wisely :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Thanks @voxel_pirate
So you backed $50 dollars as you said so you will be getting a beta and a full release for yourself and a friend

That’s good to know. Thanks for the quick reply.

@wyre6330 for nothing.

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Let’s say I got one copy of beta Stonehearth for 30$ and used this copy on Windows because it doesn’t work for Mac yet. Could I later use this copy for Mac when the Mac version becomes available?

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Sorry if this was already answered!

@Beastmaster as Stonehearth should be DRM-free you should be able to use it on another computer later on.

Thank’s for answering so fast @voxel_pirate !

well, to be honest we’re not 100% sure just yet… it will depend on how the distribution system is setup…

if there is some sort of “claim a key” to download from HB (for example), you might not be able to then use that same key for a different client… this would be a good piece of information to get confirmation from radiant on, for sure…

True… but as the mac version will not be available during the whole Alpha / Beta, there has to be a way to switch from one system to another… just thinking out loud.

This was a tiny bit unsettling. When I read this, I almost spilled all the milk I was holding down my T-Shirt and into my laptop.

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@Beastmaster I imagine it will be fine:

That is for one of the humble bundles, the options change dependent upon the game but I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to allow multiple platform downloads for one game linked to an account (FTL does this for example)?

So as for the original question, yes we are waiting upon an official announcement from Radiant on this one, but I imagine it will definitely be something you are able to do (famous last words).

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I got two copies of the beta during the kickstarter just in case I would need one for Mac and one for Windows ;)!

in a perfect world, yes… you are absolutely correct… here’s hoping for perfection! :smile:

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So I got 2 Betas one for me and a friend way back during the Kickstarter. I have gotten a Beta Key for Steam and used it.

I am curious if I get another Beta Key for my friend or can I use the same Beta Key twice or something else? Just wanna make sure I don’t/didn’t mess something up

At the bottom of the humble page when you click on ‘Stonehearth’ there is a link that says “Stonehearth gift key” with the key below - send this to your friend to redeem and they will have access to the second beta.

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Cool Thank you very much

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No worries!

Let us know if you’re having difficulty :slight_smile:

as @Geoffers747 pointed out, the extra key should be available, and what you provide for your friend… however, should the need arise, you can in fact use your own key more than once… installing on a second machine at home, etc.