Kickstarter - Burnstar

Burnstar is a fun and addictively frenetic action-puzzle game from
Nerve Software.

as i was somewhat confused by the main campaign video, here’s a link to their recent updates, where they show some gameplay footage…

they also describe how modding is a very key part of their development design…

We are a company made up of many developers who came from the mod
community, so making sure that Burnstar was able to have user
generated content is very important to us.

Backers of the EDITOR TIER will have early access to the editor and
can begin content creation before the game even reaches the public!


I sense an eerie lack of comments…
Looks quite interesting, and I wonder what kind of mods they have in mind for a puzzle game such as this? I just can’t imagine much to be done. Granted, I’m not a very creative kid.

off the top of my head, new items that can kill the player (aside from the crushers, buzz saws, etc.)… but the main purpose of the editor could simply be to create new puzzles for you and your friends to try and conquer…

I love the look of this! Then again, I am a huge fan of anything puzzle. :smile: