Kickstarter Backer Pets Pack - Request for Player Assistance

I started with the little dragon. Question is will it grow in a big dragon, that can fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, no, no large form for them sadly ; ).

New idea for a mod? Raise cute pets to brutal fighting machines?

So also no big mammoth pet like in some screen team stonehearth posted in the early days?

Brutal dragon… more like peace loving dragon who start the fire for a cozy campfire

lol, i think someone beat us to that game, its called POKEMON ; D

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Maybe, but can you let pokemon attack real Orks or Goblins?
Clear winning point for HearthMon!

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Nope, sadly the large mammoth didn’t make it in. The baby mammoth actually wasn’t supposed to get in, but Max hacked it a bit ; )


My friend and I are playing together and I have the pet pack as a backer but he does not. The game will not allow him to join if I have the pack enabled. I’m assuming this is because it’s considered a mod and we would have to have the same mods to play together…

shouldnt happen because this mod is client only - so it shouldnt be shown if someone tries to join or you join someone.

edit: ok its really blocking …

Couldn’t the friend just put the smod in his mod folder and be fine?
I know, kickstarter reward, but this is annoying.

We’ll take a look, thanks for reporting!

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tested with upload the mod as hidden on steam - will still shown to the joiner ^^ i dont know why it doesnt accept the client_only option

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is a local mod, as opposed to a workshop mod.:thinking:
But still, if it has the client_only flag it should work, just like debugtools.

If it still shows even as a workshop mod, then the client_only flag might have broken.

ok tested with german translation and pets from steam - it will be shown both as needed ^^

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Correct, client_only doesn’t work in a very useful or expected way. Every mod the server has running, including client_only mods, is forced to be enabled on clients joining. This includes the debug_tools mod. If you have these mods, the server will force-enable them if you had them disabled. The only thing client_only works for is the client having extra mods that the server doesn’t have.


@Wiese2007, just to confirm, the version of the Kickstarter pets mod that you have has the client_only flag, right?
I think we added it recently, not sure if the version uploaded to HB might have lacked it at the beginning.

Hey if there is a baby with the correct skeleton, big one shouldn’t be too hard to mod in…

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yes it has client_only^^ but like said in the test also the german translation was shown as needed and it has also the client_only flag

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If you don’t care about it moving or looking differently then yeah its really easy - just change the scale value to a higher number and you’re done. However, it only has like 3 animations: idle, run, and sneeze I believe. And the run is pretty silly (I did it super quick just because we needed something a long time ago), so it doesn’t move like a large animal would move.


Pleeeease do this! I loved that original screenshot of the mammoth too