Just wondering how I can lend a helping hand

@sdee, I was just wondering a couple things… Firstly, do you guys run your test suite daily or per build… is there a sign pass?

I ask because I have been testing software for over a while and one of the things I have been told I do well is write test suites. Not sure what level testing is done now or if I could help with any current testing.

Not looking to get paid, just a stay-at-home dad that misses work now and then.


We run our tests every time we check in a change, and then once a day on our build machines. :slight_smile:

The real question is: when do we WRITE tests, and how thorough are they? :wink:

Thank you very much for your offer! I think we’re OK for now, each motivated as we are to make sure that our features survive the next major system re-write, but perhaps you could find some way of helping the modding community at large with a testing mod, or at least in thinking about tests for their work!


Thanks Sdee! Love your teams work!