Just the comunal kit....chen

why poyos why? btw, they should be in the red arrow marked pasture.... not in the yellow arrow marked dining hall xDDD


so… the shepherd wanted to give them a ride through the town maybe…?

ohh btw, those are 16 poyos xD


Look at how cute they are chuckling along in a small flock! :jubilant: :heartpulse:


The poyo catcher from Hamelen?

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This is a bug where pastured animals’ feed will end up on the edge of the map, and all the animals will go on an epic odyssey for it and back. But maybe we shouldn’t fix it.


I thought they just wandered out of their pen and the shepherd was like yo got you some chow and they followed. I’ve noticed they get fed the second they go into the pen, interestingly sometimes other animals will follow even though they aren’t the ones being fed. I always just assumed since they get fed next they could smell the food in the shep’s pockets ha ha

Those buildings look great :flushed:

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more from the same save…
if you say so…


i realise this response to that joke may be a bit obscure but:

I’ve just had this issue of the feed appearing at map edge in r870. My sheep went on an epic adventure up through the mountains (the long way around, too!), past a spooky crypt, and right up to the horizon. Most of them were on the brink of starving, but somehow not one of the flock perished on their adventure.

It did mean, however, that the shepherd ran out to meet them and harvested their wool all over the place, so now I have hearthlings repeating the trek to collect it. :unamused: