Just Some work arounds that have worked for me A7stable to A8 latest

Just wanted to start a list (Hope I get some help) of things, I( along with others I’m sure) have noticed and might help some with their games.

Fake Footmen patrol way points - Minus the normal Stock piles and farms you can make mini stock piles around your settlement to get you Footmen to quasi patrol. personally I go with 3x3 stock piles in a ‘X’ pattern and set them to gold or any item currently not in use. This helps move the Footmen around some.(A7+). Party feature helps but still a bit limited in A8 so far.

So far I limit my population to 9 settlers and have a better time without the AI freaking as much.(A7+)

Turn off Vsync and have better performance when they are building. (A7+)

I give all my settlers a party command (Guard) sometimes I can use this to kinda reset a freaked out AI without reloading the game. (A8)

Limit my building sizes to no more than 20x20 Better performance and less AI issues same for mining.(A7+)

Use walls in place of fences (always had issues with fences).(A7+)

Just a few things that have help my game experience. Hope it helps some :slight_smile: *This may/may not work for all but it can’t hurt to try if you reached that no return point.

So what are your In-Game work around? Curious if I can tweak my Experience more myself. Pls leave what Version it works for if you don’t mind thx :slight_smile:


When your workers abandon a mining project, you can suspend it for a minute. When you resume, most of them go back to work. Lazy little buggers… :smiley:


Build ladders in pairs. You’ll never have to worry about items getting stuck again.

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