Job wasn't passed properly

Job wasn’t passed properly and no new Heartling was assigned to the build task to start with the foundation.


1 Had my Carpenter set to No Hauling, Building and Job On, who was crafting items at the time I laid a small piece of road.

2 Had my Mason set to No Hauling, Turned of his Build to level him up, Mine and Job was set to On but didn’t have any outstanding mine orders or paused orders.

3 Received a new Heartling, kept him a worker and turned Off Building and Mining, while she was going to, walking towards, to dig the foundation to build the piece of road I had laid just before receiving her.

4 Then I noticed the Carpenter who had Build set to On started idling, toggling his Build order On or Off didn’t make him start building the road, neither did the Mason when I toggled his Build setting On or Off.

5 Removed the piece of road and laid it again. Didn’t solve the problem no Heartling was assigned to building the road, not even after repeating step 4.

6 Only when I toggled the Workers Build job (back) to On the building/road was started (a road I had also removed and placed again btw)

7 Didn’t or hadn’t tried to place an entirely new build order at a different location to check if that one would have been assigned to any other Heartling with the Build setting On, though , btw

Additional another possible reason that could have led up to the bug,was that my Carpenter Heartling didn’t start building, could have been a temporary Job switch

My Carpenter was stuck as a previous part of the stairs was dug and could not get down.
I put the ladders down that the Carpenter build so he could come down, so there was a little interruption in his build and job orders.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Version 22.5 (latest atm of writing)
No Mods

System Information:
Original Acer Predator G5920


Good luck with bug fixing :smirk:

The carpenter was the only one available for building, given your steps.

Carpenters can build, so you’re saying in your case nobody started building because they didn’t mine the foundation. Carpenter is indeed missing the ability (in carpenter_abilities.json) to mine foundations (regardless of not being able to mine, according to the Citizens panel). Potter for example, has the same setup than the carpenter, but has the mining ai_pack in the potter_abilities file.

The question now is, should the carpenter be able to mine the foundations too?

Luckily I didn’t need a savefile this time :wink: