Jewel of the orient, new update

Update: Now with Coffee!
in cooperation with findersword we made it so there are now coffee plants in the desert!
so you can brew yourself a nice, hot cup of coffee, to warm you up, and to energise you :slight_smile:


those are looking good! no camels but hey, they’ll do the work all the same :smiley:
So not cool that discord is lagging caus’ of google servers.

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The only way Rayyas could be more useful is if they could caravan between settlements. Change my mind

update, the initial release of the mod is out!

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Now has a new update! see the original post for a new screenshot
(added: coffee!)

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can you upload a non steam link please

sure thing (205.5 KB) @Ty_Abu

Could you add dromedary milk and coffee options to barrels, casks (dromedary milk only) and tuns? Its annoying as i have nowhere to store them


Probably! Bit busy personal life wise atm but probably somewhere in the future :slight_smile: