Items don't carry over to saved Templates

Items don’t carry over to saved Templates
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Blueprint a build and place items inside
  2. Save Build as Template
  3. Place the Template

Expected Results:
All items from saved build carries over and is placed and auto qued in build
Actual Results:
Template is placed, items show up, but not counted as part of template. hearths will build but not que items to be built or placed.
So Blueprinted a build. Saved the Template and reloaded the game from a different day. Placed said Template and noticed this. Had them build it and they ignored all items. Even tried to build items myself, still ignored items. So tried Ib’ing the build to see whats up, and it built but all items are ignored still. And yet tried to make items myself again and they ignored the items. Like they dont exist.

Original Build before and after saving the template

Saved template and placed

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:
same as always