Items clipping, the helmet and the hair

So lets say I’m creating a helmet (actually I am), and my helmet size matches the frame for the settler’s hair, when I move the helmet model over the settler if 2 voxels occupy the same space the hair will mostly take priority with some color clipping from the helmet, is there a way or will there be a way in-game so that the helmet will take priority and temporarily remove the settler’s hair voxels (where they clip)?

The concept of layers was introduced on the last live stream I believe.

From what I understood, helmets have a higher layer value than hair, which has a greater value than heads, with the highest layer value being displayed. If that makes any sense…


i have nothing of value to add here… save for a hearty “welcome aboard @FireHound!” :smile:

oh, and layers…

Excellent, so I only have to deal with this in Qubicle :slight_smile: and thanks @SteveAdamo