Item placement - accessible parts

Did you ever wonder, when you place a new item, from which side it has to be accessible?
Does a bed need two accessible sides or does it only need one?
Can I place this item next to that item without blocking one or both?

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how about this:

When you want to place an item or click on an item that has already been placed, you will see arrows.
A full arrow for a side that MUST be accessible and an hollow arrow for optional or one of those has to be accessible sides.
A bed has two sides but only one needs to be accessible.
A crate hast four access points while only one needs to be accessible.
But a weaver workbench has only one access point which MUST be accessible.

It could even work with doors but the arrow will show you which way the door will open.

What do you think?


I love it, but this would only show up when you are placing the item, right?


There are a few possibilitys:
Those arrows show only up when you want to place an item
They show up when you place an item and when the item is not placed but a ghost
They show up when an Item is highlighted/clicked
a mix of those

But the arrows should not show up when an item is only there, as in the picture (example) the Potter’s Kiln.

It would only disturb me if those arrows would be there all the time.


Perhaps instead of an arrow there could be a highlighted area in the ground? I don’t think their engine has support for overlays like this at the time, but they do highlight blocks quite often :slightly_smiling:

Or the “floor” blocks could go red while the part is inaccessible. In any/all the situations you listed.

Nailed that one, by the way. Your workers, and specially your carpenters, would be proud.

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if this gets implimented, that’s what it will more likely be. basically, when placing it you’ll get either arrows or voxels in front on the ground showing where is needs to be accessible (so while a work bench might be 3 voxels wide, you only need 1/2 voxels to access it, or the side of the bed but at the foot isn’t good enough, but having both the foot/head blocked but the middle 3 voxels accessible is OK). you’ll also see those voxels when selecting the bed or when building around it (say you’re building a wall or setting an item down, if the closest voxel is within 3 voxels of your bed/crafting station, then it’ll show the accessible sides again, until you either place the item or move your cursor away). this method is both unobtrusive and handy for designing purposes.

I’d also like if, like in the beds case, you cover one of the optional sides, the other side becomes opaque instead of hollow, turning into a mandatory accessible spot instead of an optional spot