Item Ownership Possibilities

I know beds can be owned by a specific citizen. I was wondering what other items could/would use this? For example:

"stonehearth:object_owner": {
         "allowed_ownerships": {
            "bed": true

this is the code I saw and was wondering what I could add, and how much other work would need to be done. Let’s say I wanted chairs to be owned as a way to assign seats in a dining hall or something. Maybe I want to make a special table with chairs around it only for my military units or even a dining place just for crafters. I don’t know, the possibilities are limitless really. I just need to know if it would/could work.

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Anything can be marked by that. But to recognize what is marked and what is not you need custom a.i. For example, the sleeping a.i. has a low priority action that searches for a bed to sleep, and has another action with a higher priority that do the same but checks if the bed is owned. This means that it will run first and do its thing, but if it fails, the low priority version kicks in and find any random bed.
So if you mark a chair as owned, you still need an a.i. to search for owned chairs only, and currently there is none ready to use, requiring you to manually add one.


sounds like I need to watch some lua tutorials and other things as well. it’s about time I guess haha might make me “fix” my mod all together.