Item Count Incorrect for Undeployed Items

The game shows that I have 19 Vaults (2 Undeployed) when I only have 17 (none Undeployed). I am able to make new Vaults, but only using the “Create” button. If I attempt to use “Maintain” the Blacksmith will only makes more if I specify 3 or more (and then it will only create 1 as it thinks there are already 2 in my inventory).

Saving, exiting, and then reloading the game does not fix the problem. Neither does demoting my Blacksmith to Worker and then promoting them back to Blacksmith.

I’m running the latest development build from Steam (develop-2807) on Alpha 14.

I an unable to upload the saved game since it’s 11.5MB zipped and the limit on this forum is 10MB.

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Hey there @Raskii, sorry about the size limit…it isn’t something we can change unfortunately.

Can you upload your save to an external site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the link here? Also, what version of the game are you encountering this in?

Sorry, just edited my original post. I’m running Alpha 14, Build develop-2807.

I’ll see about creating a dropbox account and uploading the save to there.

No worries. If you don’t want to create an account, File Dropper works without one!

Edit: By the way I have nothing against Dropbox, use it myself and love it, just trying to save you from making an account if you don’t want to.

This should be the correct saved game.

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Hi there
I loaded up your save and there are 17 placed vaults placed and 2 vaults that were not placed yet.
1 of the vaults placed fine when placed from the “place items” UI. The other vault was stuck in limbo somewhere, so I fixed that up for you. I need to look into why the placement UI is broken and still displays that 2 things aren’t placed when they clearly are during the save. Loading up the save fixes it though. In the meantime, here are your vaults.



I am still seeing an incorrect number of Vaults.

When I loaded the save I had several placeable Vaults. After placing them all, it now shows 4 as still being Undeployed and lists 2 as placeable in the Place Item UI.

The Place Item UI is also not updating to show the number of Undeployed Oak Tree Saplings. After placing all 18 in my inventory, it still shows all 18 in the Place Item UI. My Inventory properly shows them as all placed.

Yes, that UI bug will not be fixed until the next unstable release.
What I did was find the missing vault for you. Your original post read "The game shows that I have 19 Vaults (2 Undeployed) when I only have 17 (none Undeployed). " You did in fact have 19 vaults, with 2 undeployed, just like the UI in the town menu showed… I made the two undeployed vaults show up for you. The placement UI’s count of undeployed items is broken at the moment. It requires a load to fix.

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Gotcha, thanks for the update!