It is about your studio and the activities in it,

I have a class project where i need to do a site selection and layout planning for a business. my business is in the gaming industry and i was wondering what activities you need to consider doing in your facility.

  1. The objective of the facility
  2. The primary and supporting activities that will take place in the facility.
  3. Determine the interrelationship – access, arrangement, and flow – between the activities.
  4. Determine the space requirements for all activities. Kinda like how much space would be needed for a bathroom


maybe you could start by narrowing it down to something specific. “gaming industry” incorporates a lot of areas: art/graphics, code, gameplay design, marketing, producing… maybe start with one and go from there?

We have to draw a blueprint for a floor layout including what goes where in the studio. That includes desks and computers and bathrooms and lounges and all that stuff. Other than that, i have no idea so im at a loss for what to put on the blueprint. Im not that good when it comes to designing or planning :frowning: also sorry if this is intrusive of stuff like privacy.

number of employees probably a good place to start :stuck_out_tongue: ?