Issue with zoom in furniture inside buildings

release 240 x64 no mods

Place a bed, wait for it to be installed.
Click the bed to select and display the name/description in the lower left of the screen.
Attempt to zoom in on the unit using the link.

You’ll zoom to a completely different are of the map or off the map instead of to the bed.

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how… peculiar… and this is (as best you can tell) isolated to just beds? mean and comfy?

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Honestly, all the placement/upgrade issues have all been around beds, so I’ll try a few right now.

I started testing each wood item, then discovered something during my test.
Place any wood item inside a house, and you have an issue.
Place it outside… everything is fine.

So there something going wrong if you install furniture inside your home.


excellent… thanks for the follow-up! :+1:

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