Is this modeling class Worth the Money?

This online class called

3D Pixel Art for non artist. Crossy Road Modeling. Unity 3D
Step by step video tutorials to master 3D pixel art to make characters
and objects for Unity3D, cocos2d and the likes

Here’s a link.

Just wanted to know if you guys think this is worth the cost.

Normally i’d say no, you should learn it yourself for free…

But it looks like a nice beginner’s course, and for only 12 bucks, it’s not bad. The assets alone that it gives for free are probably worth that.

The part that looks worth the money is the Unity Part. it’s a pretty user friendly program, but it’s always nice to have someone to hold your hand through it.

So my two cents?

  • If it were me, i’d find free separate tutorials and learn for free.

  • However! It’s pretty cheap for a unified source of content/teaching with good reviews, a look into unity, and free stuff… So I don’t think it would hurt unless you are completely broke.


I cant speak to this particular course, but I personally really like udemy… very slick interface and the materials are (usually) very easy to digest… this is of course more dependent upon the author, as opposed to udemy… :wink:

Learning 3D modeling is much easier on your own. You know how you learn best, you can do it on your spare time and rather than be graded there are site like Polycount, Blender guru and loads of other places where people give constructive comments on your work, there’s also the added benefit of still maintaining a job while learning cause it wont be a huge time sink.

It’s not overly difficult to learn it, it just takes time. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself over time for free your own way.


Thanks for the advice guys.

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