IS there a way to massively trash stuff without hearthling action?

I would like to clean my map of thousands of scrap from combat or else.

But trashing them require an hearthling to go to each block and trash them.

Is there a way in the debug menu to do this ?

Or change the faction of the trash so the AI doesnt try to reach them ?


One thing you can do for the future, which doesn’t resolve your problem now, is to turn off auto-loot in the game settings. Then after killing something whose loot you care about, you can manually loot those items via the harvest menu. If things are scheduled to be looted but haven’t been looted yet (and are still red “enemy” items), you can use the “cancel” action in the harvest menu to cancel their looting.

i think his problem has to do with the thousands of item laying around everywhere after some time that will be memory consuming without reason
i also want to know if there is any way to get rid of them, other than “destroy” command (one by one) and harvest’s “destroy” order

I hate to go back to the grandaddy of these sorts of games, but Dwarf Fortress allows you to [d]-b]-[f]orbid items so that your dwarves don’t go after them. Perhaps the team may want to look into this sort of functionality as it could indicate to the AI that it no longer has to think about the item and thus increase performance.

Do we want to punish the player with an (albeit unintentional) performance hit for cutting down all the trees which then generates hauling jobs or should we send in the Tree Avengers (entlings) as an in story consequence. Allowing forbidding of items allows the player to plan ahead and clear areas for planning, but tells the AI “Not just yet” for hauling.

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personally im more surprised there is no cleanup-run the game does to itsself.
all items not in storage should just lower themselves into the floor by 1/3 of hight of item per day and shift in lighting slightly green-er (or gray er etc depending on landscape)
then after the third day, despawn/destroy themselves… (because its undergrond and either rotted away, got lost or nicked by a goblin. etc.)
(and if a crap ton of wood despawns all at once, its allowed to re plant a tree near there randomly)
@malley/@Relyss have you guys ever concidered this kind of clean-up-cycle?


We do this for food, but not other items. @max99x would it be a good idea to have all items decompose over time? Personally I think manually destroying things isn’t so bad. We already have problems with seeds decomposing before people can use them and they get upset : /.

Paul the great is correct, you can turn off auto loot. I don’t think that works for trees, but in the tree case, I think you just don’t chop down a whole Forest : /. Or if you do, take the time to destroy the items you don’t want? Another option instead of cutting down a forest is to use the destroy button on the trees instead of chopping them down.

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Note that in a multiplayer case it doesn’t have to be YOU that chips down the forest and slows the server down…

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True, but you can still communicate with the other person and ask that they clean up their iconics, and hopefully they learn something ; ).

The only other option I can see is to automatically remove items after some amount of time, and that actually causes WAY more problems that I don’t think we actually want to have happen. Asking the player to monitor their own usage of resources seems like a reasonable solution - that way we aren’t handicapping other players unnecessarily.

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